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Choosing the best edge for quartz worktops

When it comes to renovating a kitchen countertop, not only do you need to select the right colour and design, you must even pick the best edge profile that suits the interior. For making the process easier, we have created a list of some of the popular edge profiles for quartz worktops.

Here, we’ll take you through each type to help you decide which edge profile is ideal for your quartz countertop.

Different Quartz Countertop Edge Profiles

Since all worktop edges are not made the same way, you need to know the minute details of each edge design to find the best choice for your next remodeling project.

Subtle Edge Profiles:

  • Standard Edge: The standard edge profile comes under the simple category and is the most common edge profile found in worktop designs. Unlike its name, the straight-edged worktops don’t bear the straight edges. They have slightly rounded edges to minimize the risk of damage to its surface while preventing injuries.
  • Bevelled/Chamfered Edge: For adding oomph to your worktop without going over the top, you may pick a bevelled or chamfered edge It boasts an angular edge over the top corner of your worktop. This style not only looks elegant but also makes your worktop appear more attractive without losing its functionality.
  • Half Bullnose: This edge has a rounded right corner that’s further linked to a straight bottom corner. It is a seamless intersection between the straight edge and rounded edge leading to the lower section. Hence, this edge appears slightly thicker than other designs. It is quite similar to the beveled edge.
  • Full Bullnose: It is also one of the common edge designs for quartz worktops. It boasts a complete curve on both the corners with a smooth effect. It is a timeless design for any kitchen theme.

Premium Edge Profiles:

  • Quarter Round: This edge design boasts a rounded corner on the top section of the edge. However, unlike the half bullnose, this edge has a smaller roundedness that’s similar to a pencil. It is ideal for giving your worktop a traditionally sleek look.
  • Double Quarter Round: This edge profile has pencil round edges on either corner of the worktop to give it a thinner appearance. It is ideal for kitchen designs with a minimal layout.
  • Double Bevel/Chamfer: This edge design is angled on both the top and bottom corners of a quartz worktop. It is used for forming a reflective surface for catching the light and creating a major impact on the worktop.
  • Dupont: This edge features a quarter circle on its lower corner with a straight top corner. It is a perfect edge for a dramatic countertop design.
  • Ogee/Cove Dupont: It is one of the most premium edge designs for quartz countertops. It has an S-shaped curved in both corners with an elegant layout.
  • Double Ogee: The double ogee edge has an S-shaped curve on the countertop corners. The curves are shallower than the basic ogee profile to give it a luxurious appearance.
  • Double Bullnose: This edge has two bullnose edges combining two-quarter circles on top of each other to form a worktop edge.
  • Chiseled: This edge profile has a jagged edge to give the countertop a wild and rustic appeal. It is ideal for an industrial kitchen design.

How to Choose the Best Quartz Countertop Edge?

For choosing the best quartz countertop edge profile, you need to consider the available space in your kitchen. The smaller spaces must be spruced up with subtle edges so that they don’t take away too much attention from your kitchen decor. On the other hand, the elaborate or premium edges are more suitable for larger spaces for tying the whole look together.

You even need to consider the cabinet designs, quartz worktop prices and overall room aesthetics before choosing an edge profile for your countertop. The edge profile must complement the kitchen decor, not compete with the interior.


The best way to selecting the right quartz countertop edge is to consult professionals who can help you imagine what the final result would look like. You must talk to expert worktop suppliers and fabricators to help you understand which edge profile goes well with your selected quartz worktop.