Reasons why Neolith is an exceptional surface material

Neolith is an exceptional sintered stone surface with high flexural strength and durability. It is one of the most innovative and modern-age worktop materials that most architects and interior designers demand.

Neolith has gained popularity as an exceptional worktop material in recent years. Not only that, but it is also a preferred choice for creating beautiful bathrooms and wall cladding.

It is available in the form of lightweight slabs and hence, is easier to handle and transport than other stones such as granite or marble. Neolith worktops are also highly resistant to heat, liquids, fire and abrasion. Neolith can take high temperatures as well as freezing cold ones. For this reason, homeowners are using it to decorate interiors as well as exterior areas of their homes. When it comes to commercial applications, this sintered stone from Spain is ideal since it offers great performance on high-traffic areas and its colour does not degrade over time. Furthermore, Neolith surfaces are resin-free and hygienic surface makes it one phenomenal building material.

But one specific feature that has made Neolith kitchen worktops stand out is their ability to curve. Yes, you read that right. It is one exceptional building material with high flexural strength.

What is a high flexural strength?

The high flexural strength is the ability of an object (made from a single material like a steel rod, wooden beam or Neolith slab) to bend, defying straight lines, rigidity and your imagination.

Neolith is an epitome within this advancing industry in so many ways. Some of the reasons are listed below:

1. Durable

When looking for a material for a kitchen worktop, flooring or wall cladding, most homeowners want a durable surface. Neolith ceramic worktops, just like other ultra-compact surfaces, come with incredible durability. It is highly resistant to UV rays, stains and scratches on the surface. Hence, it lasts longer without any signs of damage. Due to its ability to resist UV rays, Neolith can also be used in many outdoor applications. Some of the most popular external features are Neolith BBQ worktops and facades. This sintered stone is available in thicknesses of 3 mm, 6 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm; ensuring it can be applied practically anywhere you can think of.

2. Suitable for high traffic areas

Since Neolith worktops are amazingly weight-bearing, it can be used in high-traffic areas, including wall cladding, flooring or paving for driveways. All thanks to its availability in varying sheet sizes, this material is perfect to be used in different areas of living space. Neolith tiles are available in many different formats with dimensions of up to 3600x1200 mm, ensuring you can create amazing designs without the need to place joints on large panels.

3. Wide colour range

Neolith kitchen worktops come in a wide colour range and the varying design choices. From subtle tones to bright colours, as well as nature-inspired effects, there are endless design and colour options for this surface material. As time progresses, this colour and style range is likely to increase for sure. As off 2020, Neolith boasts 7 different Collections in their range.

  • Neolith Classtone: the Neolith Classtone Collection is inspired in natural stones that include marble, granite worktops and quartzite; brining truly natural looking surfaces to any space.
Neolith Classtone
  • Neolith Fusion: The Fusion collection is inspired in traditional building and decoration materials, which are blended with the latest sintered technology. It enables users to have materials such as concrete, cement, basalt, terrazzo and many others; without having to worry about the inherent issues in the natural materials.
Neolith Fusion
  • Neolith Iron: as per its name, the Neolith Iron range offers materials with metallic and oxidized metal looks. Not only that, but these colours also offer the textures and feel of the natural products in which it is inspired.
Neolith Iron Product
  • Neolith Timber: The Timber Collection offers products that look and feel like natural wood. It enables the user to create designs in previously unthinkable places such as bathrooms and wet rooms.
  • Neolith Colorfeel: This Collection comprises 9 different homogeneous designs, which are perfect for minimalistic and modern themes.
Neolith Colorfeel:

Neolith Steel: It offers materials that are created from industrial metal products which have been traditionally used in design, construction and build.

Neolith Steel

Neolith Textil: It offers products that are inspired in different fabrics and cloth materials, which display weaving or knitting of textile fibres.

Neolith Textil

4. Larger or Smaller Sheet Sizes

Neolith kitchen worktops are available in the largest sheet sizes up to 3.2 meters or 3.6 meters in length. These sheet sizes are even available in smaller widths of only 1.2 meters. The material even comes in various thicknesses, including 3mm, 6mm, 12mm and 20mm. With its smaller and larger sheet sizes, as well as throughout composition, Neolith enables many design prospects while maintaining all its resistant qualities that we all love.  

5. Revolutionary surface material

Neolith kitchen worktops have taken the industry by storm. Not just the practical composition, its endless size, but style and application options are the reason why many designers are going gaga over it. Its manufacturing process is the result of the latest technological advancement, which makes it one of the most reliable, aesthetic and effective products across the world.

From the advanced manufacturing procedure to the modern applications, the ultra-compact Neolith ceramic worktops have given extensive design opportunities to architects and designers alike. Whether it’s an indoor residential/commercial application or any outdoor project, Neolith will never disappoint you.