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Silestone Price Groups for the UK in 2019

Silestone Quartz is a highly durable material due to its composition containing some of the hardest minerals in the world. However, before installing Silestone worktops, you need to know about the Silestone groups. You must thoroughly check the Silestone review before selecting the material for your house.

Silestone polished quartz

After reviewing the Silestone price Groups provided below, you can choose the right type of Silestone material and design for installing in your bathroom or kitchen countertops.

Silestone Worktops Cost

The overall Silestone cost for UK made worktops depend on the colour and finish of the material. The prices include both Silestone/countertop cost and the professional labour prices.

Similar to any countertop material, the total Silestone price groups also depend on labour, materials used and customization options. Since Silestone cost is expensive, it is best to get it installed by professionals rather than taking the risk of installing them on your own. While its upfront cost is high, many homeowners in the UK are turning to Silestone because of its elegant appeal and durability.

Silestone Price Groups

The average thickness of Silestone varies; 12mm, 20mm and 30mm. Depending on different colours and patterns, the silestone prices change ranging from low-end start at £99 plus Vat per m2

Silestone Price Group 1: Blanco City, Gris Expo, Marengo, Noka, Rougui

Silestone Price Group 2: Arden Blue, Blanco Norte 14, Cemento Spa, Coral Clay, Ironbark, Miami White 17, Negro Tebas 18, Niebla

Silestone Price Group 3: Aluminio Nube, Blanco Capri, Blanco Maple 14, Desert Silver, White Storm 14

Silestone Price Group 3.5: Alpina White 08, Amazon, Bianco Rivers, Blanco Stellar, Crema Stellar, Lusso, Negro Stellar, Tigris Sand, Yukon

Silestone Price Group 4: Bamboo 8, Blanco Zeus, Iconic Black, Kensho, Lagoon, Lyra, Merope, Snowy Ibiza, Unsui, White Arabesque

Silestone Price Group 5: Ariel, Blanco Orion, Brooklyn, Silver Lake, Pearl Jasmine, Iconic White, Eternal Serena, Eternal Marfil, Eternal Emperador, Eternal Marquina, Charcoal Soapstone

Silestone Price Group 6: Bianco Calacatta, Classic Calacatta, Eternal Calacatta Gold, Eternal Statuario

Silestone - Other Cost Factors

There are many factors that go into deciding the cost of choosing and installing Silestone. Given below are the important factors that you need to know when selecting Silestone for your home or office:

  • Grade: The grades of Silestone worktop can help you determine the smoothness and grittiness of this countertop. Some inexpensive grades are Gris Expo and Blanco City. On the other hand, the expensive ones include Eternal Calacatta Gold, Chrome, and Eternal Calacatta Classic.
  • Thickness: Many Silestone materials home in thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm. Additional plywood piece is added below the surfaces and on top of the kitchen units prior to a Silestone installation. The thicker Silestone doesn’t need any plywood although it makes it harder to install.
  • Edges: Some people preferred rounded worktop edges, whereas others like complex or decorative edges. The rounded edges are already included in the cost but for decorative edges, the cost can vary.
  • Corners: Even the Silestone corners can be altered to be squared or rounded. The rounded edges are safer but they need more work to be done. So, rounded corners cost more than the squared ones.