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Ways to Brighten Up Your Modern Kitchen This Winter

The winter season is quite dark and cold, so it can make your kitchen appear dull. Due to the presence of a lot of clouds and lack of natural light, your kitchen with wall-mounted cupboards and appliances can start looking unwelcoming and dingy. What’s worse than waking up to a gloomy and dull kitchen that doesn’t motivate you to feel happy and socialise?

Since a kitchen is a place you enter as soon as you wake up, it must feel well-lit and bright to instantly make you feel happy. Here are certain easy ways to brighten up your cooking space without spending too much money and putting in extra efforts.

  1. Add Lighter Colours

A kitchen is full of appliances and furniture that can make it appear cramped and drab. For combating this problem, you can try to add lighter colours to the walls, countertop and flooring. You may consider adding white or beige ceramic worktops, cupboards or walls to make the interior feel bright.

If you don’t want to invest too much in adding or changing your worktop, the simplest way to add lighter hues to your kitchen is by changing your accessories. You can switch to lighter coloured tea towels, curtains, rugs, blinds or artwork to make a kitchen space look brighter than it is.

  1. Keep Your Worktops Clutter-Free

Most kitchens are loaded with many appliances, storage containers, utensils and chopping boards. With all such objects lying around your kitchen, the room can appear to be more cluttered and cramped. We understand that some kitchen items are essential and you need to keep them at a hand’s distance all the time. But the best way is to keep smaller items organised in cupboards and drawers. Try to keep your worktop decluttered to free up the space to make your kitchen appear airier and brighter. 

  1. Bright Kitchen Splashbacks

You may add contemporary and bright kitchen splashbacks to instantly uplift the interior. It’s best to consider adding splashbacks with mirror-like shine, as these surfaces are quite reflective and make a room appear brighter and spacious. Meanwhile, a glass splashback makes a room illuminate and sparkle, unlike any other surface.

Such splashbacks also add a bit of drama and luxurious appeal to the room while eliminating any sort of blues.

  1. Mirrors and Lights

One of the simplest ways to create a bright kitchen space is to install wider windows so that more natural light can enter the room. If your kitchen has small windows and you don’t want to renovate your kitchen windows, you can use artificial lights, such as a chandelier, lamps or accent lights, to brighten up your kitchen.

Besides artificial lighting, you can even use unusual mirrors on the walls or cabinet doors. This is because mirrors reflect light and hence, make a room feel spacious and bright.

  1. Bring in Nature

To make a kitchen livelier, you may even consider adding some natural elements. For instance, you can add a sliding glass door to your kitchen if it’s located next to a lawn, garden or backyard. This way you can have a glimpse of a green landscape and fresh flowers while enjoying bright daylight throughout the day.

If you don’t have access to a garden area, you can try adding natural plant pots to specific sections of your kitchen to eliminate the dullness of a kitchen interior. You may consider adding plants on your Dekton kitchen worktops, tables or windowsills for creating the feel of spring in your cooking space even during the winter season. 


A kitchen is often called the “heart of a house.” It is not just a functional space but also a room for socialising and entertaining. Therefore, making it more inviting and bright is necessary especially in the dingy winter months.

You can follow the given tips to make your kitchen bright and aesthetic at the same time. This way you may feel more motivated to wake up and enter your kitchen for routine tasks.