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Opal Quartz Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring

Opal quartz is a composite stone made from 93% quartz crystals, bonding agents and additives to results in a highly durable and tough surface. You can use these products in applications such as kitchen, bathroom worktops, walls and floors.

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What is Opal Quartz?

Opal is the brand name of a range of engineered quartz products. The company quartz produces surfaces that are non-porous and highly heat-resistant. Since technological quartz has zero porosity, it enables you to use in for a wide range of applications. Similarly, quartz surfaces avoid the proliferation of bacteria keeping hygiene in any area in which it is installed.

Use of Opal Quartz

The use of Opal worktops and kitchen countertops is in high demand as work surfaces in bathrooms, receptions, floors, walls, etc. It also makes a perfect kitchen splashback material since its repellent characteristics keep these areas away from stains.