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Black Quartz Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring

Black Worktops Add Classy Elegance to Any Kitchen
Quality black worktops are enough to add a classy touch to any kitchen. If homeowners choose black granite or quartz, these worktops are not just durable to withstand heavy use but also cost-effective and maintenance-free.

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My Kitchen Worktop’ high-end black countertops are certainly an elegant choice that some interior designers as well as homeowners, want for a kitchen refurbishment. If anyone likes the sophisticated and unforgettable design of black countertops, they must pick only one from a high-quality material in order to avoid the fading of colour with the passage of time. Both black granite countertops and quartz worktops that we offer are booming in residential decor and industrial/commercial projects. When it comes to adding a highly aesthetic fashion effect to any kitchen space, we would recommend our clients to go for the black countertop.

If clients consider a black quartz worktop, this man-made stone is precisely engineered with the combination of pure natural quartz, pigments and resins. This kitchen worktop products are durable, easy-to-maintain and clean, as well as very long-lasting. In addition, this strong worktop surface can bear the impact of heat and is also resistant to stains, scratches, chipping or cracking.

On the other hand, black granite is as efficient as quartz. Not just homes but it’s also a great addition to hotel bathrooms and restaurants. Besides, a black granite worktop is easy to clean, durable and resistant to scratching and staining too. The best thing about materials such as black pearl granite is that these are denser compared to lighter coloured granite varieties. This means that the stone is very resistant to any knocks or accidental impact. However, we would recommend clients to follow the maintenance guidelines as suggested by our knowledgeable Production Manager.