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Kitchen Worktops Enfield

Get the Best Kitchen Worktops in Enfield

Enfield town has become a very popular area among homeowners. It is well-connected with the city of London. It has Edwardian and Victorian properties for sale at an affordable rate. The Palace Exchange Shopping Centre, multicultural cafes and restaurants and an active cultural scene ensure that there are plenty of avenues for entertainment.

The large open spaces and access to good schools and healthcare facilities have attracted a wide range of the population in Enfield. Throw in the cheap rental and purchase rate and you have an absolute winner.

The kitchen is the heart of every home and the worktop is the heart of the kitchen. Getting a Victorian property is exciting, old properties also need renovation. A kitchen renovation is never complete without changing the worktop. But there are so many materials in the market! How do you make the right choice?

Know Your Options

You cannot make an informed choice if you are not aware of all your options. Do a thorough research and find out more about the kitchen worktop materials. You can then start eliminating materials based on other considerations and make the final choice.   


A kitchen renovation is not a cheap affair. And certain worktop materials such as granite kitchen worktop in Enfield can be expensive. But their durability and resilience make them worth the price. There are also materials such as marble kitchen worktop in Enfield that come in a range of prices.

Level of Maintenance

Certain worktop materials tend to stain if they are not cleaned regularly. But materials such as quartz kitchen worktop in Enfield is easy to clean and maintain. Quartz doesn’t need sealing whereas granite worktop in Enfield may need sealing after a few years. If you are a busy family, then you may not want to spend a lot of time cleaning the worktop. You may also not want to do the regular sealing. In that case, you are better off with marble, granite or quartz worktop in Enfield as opposed to other materials. 

Resistance to Heat

Do you regularly place hot pans directly on the worktop? Or are you always careful to place a trivet underneath the pan? If you belong to the first category, then stone worktops such as marble worktops in Enfield would be a good choice. If you belong to the latter, then you are free to choose any material.


Your kitchen shouldn’t look like a separate entity. It should blend well with the rest of the house. Considering that most houses in Enfield are Victorian or Edwardian, you might want a material that fits into a traditional space. Quartz, marble and granite are ideal for that. Solid surface materials, laminates and stainless steel are better suited for a more modern home.  

Make the Right Choice

Take the factors mentioned above into consideration. This will ensure that you are always happy with the choice you made. Once you decide on the material, the next step is finding the right seller. Getting the best quality material in the colour of your choice will be a breeze with the best online kitchen counter-top repository.