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Kitchen Worktops Haringey

A Guide to the Best Kitchen Worktops in Haringey

Having too many options is a bane sometimes. It can confuse you and put you in a dilemma. This becomes especially true when it comes to kitchen worktops. The countertops are the most noticeable aspect of the kitchen. They need to be functional, as well as stylish. They should also blend well with the kitchen cabinets and floors. So, how do you go about making these decisions? Start by answering these questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • Can I do the installation myself?
  • Can I clean the surface after every spill or do I put it off for later?
  • Can I afford to perform regular maintenance? If so, then at what intervals?
  • Do I regularly place hot items directly on the surface?
  • Do I use the worktop for working on pastry or rolling dough?
  • What colours would be ideal?
  • What is the style of my kitchen?

These questions will help you narrow down your requirements. The next step is to find a material that matches your requirements. Let’s discuss the best available kitchen worktop surfaces.

Quartz Kitchen Worktop    

Quartz is a composite material that mimics the look and feel of natural stone surfaces. It offers longer life and more resilience. It is anti-bacterial, easy to clean, and requires no further maintenance. Quartz worktops in Haringey are available in large slab sizes. You can get a seamless finish with minimal joints. But keep in mind in Haringey, quartz kitchen worktops are expensive and need professional installation. 

Granite Kitchen Worktop    

Created by a natural process that takes hundreds of years, granite is strong, hard-wearing, and resistant to heat, bacteria, and stains. Its value doesn’t depreciate over time. It is easy to clean and needs minimal maintenance. Granite worktops in Haringey come with a hefty price tag. But in the long term, the price of Granite Kitchen Worktop in Haringey gets reasonable and it can turn out to be a valuable asset.

Marble Kitchen Worktop  

Luxury and elegance are the terms most used to describe this crystalline form of limestone. In Haringey, Marble Kitchen Worktop is heat-resistant and is always cool to touch. It is also available in a range of prices. Marble worktops in Haringey last a long time and increase the value of your home. It is, however, susceptible to staining from acidic elements. But it is easy to clean and doesn’t require much maintenance.       

Solid Surface Kitchen Worktop

Acrylic resin is applied on a substrate to create the seamless moulded finish of solid surface worktops. You can even make sinks and splash-backs from this material to get a uniform look in the kitchen. They are resistant to heat and bacteria to an extent. The price compares to that of natural and engineered stone surfaces. 

Laminate Kitchen Worktop

Laminate worktops have a stiff sheet attached to a wooden particleboard core. The sheet is plastic and there are infinite avenues for customisation. It is cheap and easy to install. It is also antibacterial. However, it does have a tendency to peel or melt when it comes in contact with hot items. It is also prone to scratching and chipping.   

Opt the Best for Your Kitchen

Every material has its own pros and cons. Make a list of the attributes you desire the most and take a decision based on that. After deciding on the material, make sure to get it from the best online kitchen worktop seller to ensure premium quality product and value for your money.