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Kitchen Worktops Harrow

A Guide to the Best Kitchen Worktops in Harrow

You have finally decided to take on the biggest home renovation project, the kitchen! Congratulations and good luck on this endeavour! The kitchen is one of the most laborious rooms to renovate or design. There is a multitude of elements in the kitchen that require your attention. The kitchen worktop takes the centre stage among them. Since this element ties the whole room together, it makes sense to finalise the counter-top before picking the other components. But how do you make the right choice? Start by asking yourself these questions.

Q. How much space do I have?    

Measure the area occupied by the worktop. If your counter-top is discontinuous, then you need to include the size of each section. It would also be considerate to note down how many holes you may need on the worktop for gas pipe connection, sink and any other similar needs. Knowing the square footage will help you choose a material that you can afford. 

Q. How much can I spend?

The key to a victorious and stress-free kitchen renovation is proper planning and budgeting. Allocate a budget for each part of the kitchen. You can compare the budget and the square footage of material required when making the selection. If you have a relatively smaller area, then you can opt for higher-priced but better quality materials such as quartz kitchen worktops in Harrow or granite kitchen worktops in Harrow even on a small budget. If you want a durable material with a luxury aesthetic, but at a moderate cost, then you can opt for marble kitchen worktops in Harrow. A tight budget and large worktop space call for cheaper materials that also look pleasing such as laminates.    

Q. How much is the kitchen used?

A kitchen that is being used every day will need a durable and resilient surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Quartz worktops in Harrow are perfect for this purpose. On the other hand, if the kitchen is only used sparingly, then you can even get glass worktops.

Q. What is my design vision for the kitchen?

Is the worktop going to be the focal point? In that case, you should go for strong and bold materials such as granite worktop in Harrow or marble worktops in Harrow. If you want the worktop to blend in and not stand out, then you can go for solid surface materials such as Corian or glass or laminates. You should also consider the decor style. Stainless steel works very well with modern spaces. Granite may be better suited for a more traditional space. Wood can give a rustic look.  

Q. How much maintenance am I willing to perform?

A wooden worktop may look stunning, but it requires oiling and sealing every six months. Are you on-board with this level of maintenance? Quartz is better suited for an install it and forget it attitude. Granite may require sealing once every few years. Solid surface materials are also low-maintenance.

Get Your Dream Kitchen

Careful consideration of the above points will help you reach the right decision. Once you do, the next step is getting the material from a reputed and trustworthy seller. The best online seller will have the material you need in a host of colours. Moreover, the products are reasonably priced and you will get superior quality commodities.