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Kitchen Worktops Lewisham

Modern Homes Call For Quartz, Granite, and Marble Kitchen Worktops in Lewisham

Kitchen worktops today are an eclectic fusion of quality and sustainability that are tough, resistant to heat and moisture and are non-toxic. Natural worktops made from quartz, granite or marble can be a wonderful addition to any kitchen looking for an upgrade from the regular cement worktops. The quality of natural worktops like quartz is enhanced by adding essential polymers, pigments, and binding materials to improve their longevity and durability.

Why My Kitchen Worktop?

At My Kitchen Worktop, we provide solutions for residential, as well as commercial construction requirements, by offering quality quartz, granite and marble worktops in Lewisham and other areas in the United Kingdom. We source all the natural stone surfaces from the best mines in the world and bring them to your home.

With our service, you do not have to worry about installation and aftercare services as customer satisfaction is our top priority. With our quick response and competitive pricing, you’ll be happy to install our natural worktop surfaces over anything else.

Why Quartz, Granite, or Marble Worktop Surfaces? 

Artificial worktop materials are easily available, but they are much cheaper and less durable, whereas worktops made from granite and marble are extracted from the earth and given proper shape and polish to be used in the kitchen. These worktops have unique colours, patterns or veining that cannot be replicated. 

With natural worktops, you never have to worry about scratches, stains, spillage or issues like imparting excessive heat and pressure on them. They also do not deteriorate with time which makes them a truly timeless addition to your kitchen. Whether you cook daily or occasionally, natural worktops are the safest and best options for every kitchen. 

Properties of  Quartz, Granite or Marble Worktop Surfaces

  • Natural worktop surfaces made from quartz, granite or marble in Lewisham are naturally sturdy.
  • These surfaces do not allow moisture to deposit into the worktop material.
  • Natural worktops keep away bacteria and germ build-up.
  • These surfaces do not need periodic cleaning or re-polishing.
  • Some natural worktop surfaces come with a quality warranty of up to 15 years.
  • These worktops can seamlessly fit into any kitchen due to their versatile colour and finish.
  • The non-toxic surface makes it safe for families with small kids.
  • Natural surfaces are free from chipping, breaking or degenerating.

Maintenance & Care: Quartz, Granite, and Marble Worktop

  • Avoid putting grill pans and hot pots from the oven to the worktop surfaces directly.
  • Clean worktops with a mild cleanser and warm water regularly to maintain their natural shine.
  • Avoid using strong acidic or basic cleaning agents.
  • Prevent using abrasive cleaners and cleaning products on the worktop surfaces.
  • Do not expose quartz, granite and marble worktops to UV rays.
  • In case of liquid spillage, clean the surface with a clean cloth immediately
  • Do not sit or stand on the kitchen worktops.
  • Using sharp knives or any other materials directly on the worktop surfaces is discouraged.

Enjoy the beauty and quality of natural worktops. Install quartz, marble, and granite worktops in Lewisham today and transform your plain kitchen into something extraordinary.