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Kitchen Worktops Newham

Genuine Quartz, Granite, and Marble Kitchen Worktops in Newham

If you love to throw house parties, you should look for spacious worktops where you can fix quick snacks and drinks for your guests to munch on while they have fun. Worktops are a lifetime investment and you should only go for a premium quality material to install in your kitchen. Modern quartz, granite, and marble worktops in Newham are bestselling materials for most UK households and they are preferred by many due to their elegance and durability. 

Get Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz kitchen worktops in Newham are contemporary solutions to modern apartments. These worktops blend natural quartz with strong additives like polymers, resins and pigments to develop a superior quality engineered surface that’s suitable for heavy cooking and complements any kitchen theme seamlessly.

Properties of Quartz Worktops

  • Quartz worktops are superior quality engineered surfaces.
  • These worktops are highly resistant to heat or UV rays.
  • Quartz worktops in Newham are non-porous in nature.
  • These worktops require no maintenance.
  • The additives in quartz worktops don’t make them toxic.

Get Granite Kitchen Worktops

For all the admirers of natural beauty, granite kitchen worktops in Newham can be a great addition to their kitchen space. These worktops are made by extracting natural granite from the earth’s surface. These surfaces are cut, polished and customized in shape and size as per the client’s requirements. Quartz worktops are very low maintenance and are great for places where the weather can be harsh.

Properties of Granite Worktops

  • Granite worktops in Newham are made entirely from natural granite.
  • They can withstand extreme temperature without changing the original quality.
  • These worktops are very easy to maintain and require occasional cleaning with warm water and dish soap.
  • Granite worktops are stain-proof and scratch resistant.
  • These worktops remain unaffected by heavy pressure and weight.

Get Marble Kitchen Worktops 

Marble kitchen worktops in Newham are the best options for homes that love to play with colours and patterns. Marble worktops come in a host of colours and unique veining patterns that make them look extraordinary. Marble worktops are made by exposing limestone to high heat and pressure and then cutting and polishing the surfaces for a flawless look.

Properties  of Marble Worktops

  • Marble worktops in Newham are produced from limestone.
  • These worktops are always in demand for their choice of colours and veining.
  • Marble surfaces are very sturdy and can withstand heavy weight on them.
  • These surfaces do not allow bacteria or mould buildup and keep dirt away.
  • Marble surfaces are stain proof and resistant to minor scratches.

Quartz, Granite, and Marble Worktops Maintenance 

  • Avoid exposing the quartz, granite and marble worktop surfaces directly under the sun.
  • Do not put cooking utensils directly on these natural worktop surfaces.
  • Don’t chop food directly on the worktop surfaces.
  • Try cleaning your quartz, granite, and marble worktops in Newham with warm water and soap regularly.
  • Wipe off any oil and liquid immediately from the worktop surfaces.

Make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable by installing quartz, marble, and granite kitchen worktops in Newham today.