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Kitchen Worktops Westminster

Accessorize Your Kitchen with Quartz, Granite, and Marble Kitchen Worktops in Westminster, MD

The United Kingdom can be a bit too cold in the winter season, making it tough to survive without having a few bowls of freshly made soup or several cups of coffee. Windy, cold weather calls for two spots in the house, one, the fireplace, where you can sit and get some warmth and another is the kitchen worktop, where you can keep yourself warm by making some fresh and hot beverages. In a country like the UK, where the weather can be extreme, there is no better alternative to installing quartz, granite, and marble worktops in Westminster MD, Scotland, and other cities where the winter hits hard. 

Why choose Quartz Kitchen Worktop in Westminster MD ?

Quartz kitchen worktops in Westminster MD is a safe choice for extreme weather conditions because they are made from engineered quartz that combines 95% of pure quartz and another 5% of polymers, resins and pigments to bind the material together in extreme hot and cold temperatures. The sturdy yet smooth surface of engineered quartz worktops makes it an ideal worktop material to be used by experts and novice people alike. 

Natural Properties of Quartz Worktops

  • The engineered surface of a quartz worktop makes it more durable than the natural one.
  • Quartz worktops in Westminster MD are available in several colours and finishes.
  • Quartz worktops are resistant to moisture and stains.
  • These worktops can sustain heavy pressure and high heat.
  • Engineered quartz worktops require no maintenance.

Why choose Granite Kitchen Worktops in Westminster, MD?

Granite kitchen worktops in Westminster MD are entirely made from natural granite stones found on the earth. These unpolished and natural surfaces are carefully cut, polished and given even shape to be used as kitchen slabs. Granite stones are known for their unique patterns and colours which are formed naturally. Granite surfaces are very hard, non-toxic, and a sustainable option for every household.

Natural Properties of Granite Worktops

  • Granite worktops in Westminster, MD are made from 100% natural granite.
  • These worktop surfaces are tough and heatproof.
  • These worktops are available in unique colours and patterns.
  • Granite worktops have scratch proof and skid-proof surfaces.
  • The granite worktops can be cleaned with dish soap and warm water only.

Why choose Marble Kitchen Worktop in Westminster, MD? 

Limestone is put under high heat and pressure to create marble kitchen worktops in Westminster, MD. Marble is one of the most versatile and valued natural stone that is used in building homes. Marble worktops are known for their veining and colours ranging from light pinks and blues to greys and dark greens. These worktops complement any kitchen theme effortlessly and enhance its beauty by several folds.

Natural Properties of Marble Worktops

  • Marble kitchen worktops in Westminster MD are symbols of elegance and class.
  • These worktops are available in multiple shades and finishes.
  • Marble surfaces are non-porous in nature and do not retain moisture.
  • Marble worktops remain unaffected by high heat and pressure.
  • These worktops are spill-proof and stain-proof.
  • Marble worktops are free from dents and scratches.

Quartz, Granite, and Marble Worktops Maintenance

  • Clean your quartz, granite, and marble worktops in Westminster MD with warm water and mild detergent.
  • Prevent sitting or standing on the worktop surfaces.
  • Do not cut or chop fruits and vegetables on the worktop surfaces directly.
  • Never expose the worktops to high heat and UV rays.
  • Do not clean the worktop surfaces with acidic, basic, or abrasive cleaners.
  • Re-polishing of quartz, granite, and marble worktops are not required.

Quartz, marble, and granite worktops from Westminster MD are a beautiful addition to compact homes. If you want a kitchen that looks fabulous and extravagant, invest in the right kind of worktops. Natural worktops like the ones made from quartz, marble and granite are long-lasting solutions to every kitchen.