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Samsung Radianz Technical information


Samsung Radianz technical information


Samsung Radianz technical information certificates


SAMSUNG technical information:

During the first fifteen (15)years after the date of initial installation, SAMSUNG, at its option, will repair or replace without charge if the Product fails due to a manufacturing

Samsung counts with headquarters across Europe and North and South America and branch offices across the world dedicated to customer support.

  • For maintenance, Samsung Radianz recommend to wipe a cloth with mild soap onto its surfaces. For best results, wipe any liquid spills thoroughly dry as possible.
  • Dried liquids, foods, etc can be removed by gently scraping the surface with a putty knife or a non abrasive souring pad, followed by a damp cloth or sponge with liquid mild soap.
  • Persistent stains can be removed by the use of acetone or nail remover applied with a paper towel or kitchen cloth.
  • Should stains persist, an abrasive cleaner such as CIF lemon can be applied by mixing it with warm water until it becomes a foamy paste. Leave o rest one minute. Using a souring pad rub the affected area in circular motions and rinse with plenty of hot water.

Contact our team on telephone 203 078891 or via [email protected] for more advice on maintaining your Samsung Radianz surfaces.