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Serizzo Granite

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Serizzo granite is a natural stone quarried in the regions of Serizzo Antigorio, Serizzo della Val Camonica, Serizzo della Val Sassina, Serizzo di Crodo, Serizzo Formazza, Serizzo Ghiandone, Serizzo Passo, Serizzo Sempione, Serizzo Striata and Serizzo Valmasino in Italy. Each of this regions produces a slightly different variation of this stone which come with commercial names due to the location in which each type is quarried. It presents a white background including crystalline grey and black minerals on a very fine grained pattern, characteristic of this stunning material. Serizzo granite is ideal to display in kitchens, walls and floorings due to its minimal maintenance requirements and sophisticated looks in both interior and exterior designs which require a natural stone that offers a refined appearance with incredible performance characteristics and strength. Granite is an ideal stone to work with, offering the possibility of having seamless pieces across large surfaces such as kitchen worktops, bar counters, bathroom cladding and kitchen islands. Granite slabs tend to be the largest in size across all natural stone groups which make it a cost effective material when a large slab covers most small to medium sized plots.