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Solarius Granite

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Today we look at solarius granite. Also occasionally called solaris granite like many other granites it is quarried in Brazil and is quite a spectacular stone. Solaris granite is renowned for its predominantly golden yellow color that is really quite breathtaking in its intensity. It is peppered with darker patches of iron oxide which provide a darker yellow golden color. The combination of the dark and light sections of this stone make a mesmerising effect that almost looks like dry and wet sand. solarius granite with white cabinets Stunning with white cabinets – solarius granite countertops can transform a room There are varying levels of these two golden tones, in most slabs some of the golden bedrock is infused with a white mineral white can make the color turn to almost white or cream in some sections. Very concentrated sections of iron oxide are also present (in much smaller quantities) which are dark brown in color. This makes the stone a little more “serious” in appearance. Especially when combined with the black biotite mineral that provides the final color in this stone. It does however still remain a very loud stone that will certainly catch the eye – and as such should not be used in rooms that already have a lot going on in terms of color / décor. It has a low amount of variation in mineral content and density. So you can be quite sure of what you will get if you decide to order a few slabs. You can occasionally have large black veins in certain slabs, but this is certainly not very common. When this does happen however it is usually seen as quite unattractive – so If you are not able to view the slab before purchasing, make sure you ask your dealer if it has any unusual markings. How much does Solarius Granite Cost? Unfortunately it is not quarried in large quantities and as such its availability is quite low in comparison to other granites. You should not have a problem locating a slab if you have your heart set on its golden beauty – but be prepared to pay for it. It is in the highest price bracket of granites. A 3cm thick slab of Solarius granite costs between $70-$90 per square foot and 2cm slabs do not seem to be readily available. Cherry cabinets with solarius countertops imagine coming home to this every day Due to its high price it is quite uncommon to see this granite used in floor tiles. For most people it is simply too expensive. However, for those lucky ones who do have the budget – you will find no finer golden granite to line your floors. Its main use for the rest of us who are not millionaires is in the kitchen as countertops and splashbacks. Its golden tones can lend themselves to a variety of designs. It certainly works best in rooms that are already light in appearance. Think pine floors and white or natural wood kitchen cabinets. In this setting it really creates an elegant ambiance to a room – while being a focal point of attention, it is not overbearing. White slab of solarius granite You can see here a particuarly white slab of solarius If you wish to combine this stone with darker cabinets and colors – it can work well too. However it creates a very different look. As a rule of thumb – the darker your kitchens décor, the more this granite will stand out. The dark brown mineral veins of solarius become your best friend in this situation, tying the granite into the room without it looking too loud and out of place. In either situation it certainly creates a grand and impressive feel to the room, and it is very easy to see why it is loved by so many people all over the world.