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Statuario Extra

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Statuario Extra is pure indulgent Italian marble with elegant patterns and breath-taking grey veins
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A home is a sacred place. Thus it should make you happy, provide peace of mind and cosiness. That’s why Statuario Extra marble is the best choice for your design. Its properties bring the natural beauty and soft texture whilst transmitting feelings of calm and organic relaxation. Statuario Extra has a brighter white backdrop than standard Statuario marble and also comprises a bolder, thicker and more designed veining offering a more captivating effect to any area in which it is laid out. Statuario Extra marble is extracted in quarries located in Northern Italy, with production limited by weather conditions which make for low availability whilst considered to be one of the most popular white marbles in the world which make for high demand. The combination of these 2 factors often reflects on overall prices of this unique, classic and stunning Italian stone. This stone turns kitchens, bathrooms, and walls into a ‘picture-perfect’ dream. It is an ideal material for a wide array of applications in residential homes, offices, floorings, architrave, fireplace surrounds, staircases and columns, etc that require a long-lasting material that provides an outstanding effect. Marble is formed from sedimentary rocks that have suffered a natural crystallization of the original minerals. This resulting in interlocking stone rocks, which look marvellous. Marble rocks vary in appearance according to the different minerals that compose it. Are you wondering what is marble made from?  It can be made from silica, sand, clay and iron oxides among others. In Addition, these natural impurities allow for endless variation of stone types. Which is one of the reasons that have made marble the most famous stone in the world. Marble has been used since ancient times in the construction of many monuments (Taj Mahal in India, Marble Arch in London, etc). Also, in statues (David by Michelangelo), paving and establishments of kings and emperors. More recently, and with the advance of new technology and quarrying systems, marble has become affordable. This, makes it a reality in residential homes, offices, shops, hotels and restaurants. You can also use marble and other spaces, as it never fails to impress. Another factor that strengthens the timeless popularity of Statuario Extra marble is its luxurious appeal. Coupled with resistance, elegant looks and durability. If this was not enough, it also adds investment value it to any property in which it is applied. As well as being 100% natural, marble varies in size, pattern and dimensions. Similarly, each marble piece unique in its appearance. It also offers, slabs dimensions that vary from block to block and cover an approximate area of 5.5 square meters.  If you wish to create large panels and original designs, marble is the perfect material. You can source our marble in both tile and slab formats. In addition, there are thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. And we can also source in thicker sheets and blocks of marble for special projects.

Features and benefits of Statuario Extra marble:

  • High resistant to high heat and freezing conditions.
  • 100% natural and hygienic.
  • Non-toxic and highly fire resistant.
  • Each piece is unique in terms of colours, patterns and tone.
  • Low liquid absorption.
  • Extreme durability.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Infinite design and movement.
  • Great for small spaces.