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10 Tips to Achieve that Perfect Kitchen with an Industrial and Urban Looks

Lack of kitchen space can be very challenging when it comes to upgrading a residential and/or commercial property. If you are looking to add an industrial and urban look to your kitchen but don’t know where to begin, the below-mentioned tips are sure to help you out. Generally, the kitchens in modern city homes are cramped and limited space becomes very challenging when it’s time to upgrade. With ever increasing property prices, it is the kitchen space that is often compromised and many of the houses now have smaller kitchens with narrow passages. If you are looking to add an industrial and urban look to your kitchen, use the below tips and you are sure to achieve the desired results:

    • 1. Use Colour Innovatively The colour of the kitchen can be used for creating an illusion. Similar colours can be used for flooring, furniture, cabinets and walls. This creates a type of optical illusion which makes one believe that the kitchen is bigger than it actually is.
Silestone Iconic White quartz composite worktops
    • 2. Replace the Worktop Replace your existing worktop with an attractive composite kitchen worktop. Available in several colours and designs, these worktops are highly durable and require minimum maintenance.
    • 3. Natural Light Try to allow maximum natural light in the room as it makes space look big and bright. Avoid blocking windows and make sure that the décor is minimal.
    • 4. Glass Cabinets Make use of glass doors for the cabinets and ensure that the items inside are neatly arranged. This too creates a type of optical illusion as you can look beyond the glass doors and reach the depth of the cabinet.
    • 5. Coverings Cover walls and floors with plain designs. Big diamonds and diagonal lines can be great for floors. This will help in making the kitchen look wider.
    • 6. Increase Height Place plates or paintings above cabinets to make your kitchen look taller. But make sure that the color or plates and paintings match the interiors of your kitchen.
    • 7. Furniture Slim and lightweight furniture are great for an industrial look. Round and open tables and furniture with clean lines can be great.
    • 8. Keep it Clean Avoid cluttering the worktop and make sure that the kitchen is well-organized and clean all the time. A lot of utensils and other items would make the kitchen look smaller.
    • 9. Reflective Surfaces Ceramic and porcelain do an excellent job of lightening the kitchen. A kitchen with adequate illumination will appear bigger and urbane.
White kitchen walls and cabinets with Dekton Xgloss Fiord porcelain-ceramic composite worktops
  • 10. Angles Kitchen placements should always be at angles, especially if space is limited. They not only help in making the kitchen look better but also provide more space.

Use the above tips and your kitchen would be a perfect example of how an urban kitchen should look.