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3 Reasons to choose White Quartz Worktops

Be it Compac worktops, Silestone, Ceaserstone or any other type of quartz worktops, most people opt for worktops with colored specks and patterns. The affinity towards colorful worktops is due to the widely-marketed notion that white worktops are prone to getting dirty at a much faster pace. Well! We would say, not always. Just like other colored variants, white quartz worktops can be at their lustrous best with a little amount of extra care. Here are few more reasons highlighting the pros of buying a white quartz worktop. Way to a glamorous and modern kitchen The polished and glistening appearance of solid white quartz has a contemporary appeal as it is the most immaculate example of kitchen worktop products. This is not just because of the fact a quartz slab in solid white adds grace to your kitchen decor but also because the absence of any flecks or patterns creates a sophisticated and pure look with long clean lines. Contrast Color Combinations Quartz worktops with speckles, swirls and veins of different colors blend with the colors present in the environment around them. On the other hand, white quartz build a bolder contrast, as it is less likely to get incorporated and more likely to pop, in visual terms. Further to this, unlike conventional hued worktops, white quartz worktops have one true dominant color. When coupled with dominant contrast kitchen furniture like a dark-colored wooden cabinet, it makes for combinations with perfectly-balanced mosaics. An Eternal Classic Remember white never goes out of fashion. This also applies in the case of design and kitchen worktops. These are timeless, and never seem to be out-of-sync with contemporary kitchen designs. As long as you select well-matched accent pieces, statement-making lighting fixtures, pops of colors and textured furniture, you will definitely enjoy your kitchen as a classy culinary destination. So, do you have any other excuse for not choosing white quartz worktops? Let us know to get a reality check.