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5 Reasons for Buying Marble Worktops

Marble is a white coloured metamorphic rock which is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals. Marble is found abundantly across the world and has been historically used for building grand monuments and palaces. Floors made of marbles and its tiles have been widely used in many homes. These are available in several colours and patterns and its finish depends upon the polishing of its surface.

Kitchen Islandin Bianco Carrara honed marble
Kitchen Islandin Bianco Carrara honed marble for a residence in Chiswick by My Kitchen Worktop

5 Reasons for choosing Marble Worktops

Marble kitchen worktops come in different varieties and may be natural or engineered stones. There are several outlets based in London which are selling these types of marble worktops. Carrara marble and Calacatta marble worktops are extremely popular for their unique veining, shades and textures.

We have summed up a list of seven reasons why you should purchase marble worktops:

•  Marvellous Texture: Marble worktops are famous for their smooth and shiny finish owing to the polishing of its surface. Marble is mined out in the form of large slabs and its natural texture makes it stand out among several other options.

•  Strength: Marble kitchen worktops are quite strong and could last for many years. They could easily tolerate heavy materials as worktops.

•  Colours: Marble worktops are available in a range of colours and each one of them has its own special appearance. You could easily find the shapes of clouds, waves, ripples, cracks and could easily associate them with many natural phenomenons. Colours, pattern and veining may vary from slab to slab and you will find a huge variety of options to choose from.

•  Heat Resistant: Marble worktops are heat resistant and one does not usually require coasters for hot containers and appliances. But you may need to avoid extremely hot containers directly out from the stove over these worktops to avoid thermal shock which may happen when in direct contact whe stone is at room temperature. It may not get spoilt to the core bore but could still be affected at the surface levels. You would also have to seal the surfaces every 12-18 months to minimize risk of staining and etching although with natural materials this cannot be guaranteed.

•  Unique Patterns: Marble worktops have a very special quality as every slab has its own unique pattern which is quite different from each other.

Other varieties of kitchen worktops include granite, quartzite, limestone, , onyx, ceramic, quartz worktops etc.

Considering cost and other features, one may buy them according to ones requirements; you could easily purchase any of these kitchen worktops at various stone suppliers based in London and across the UK.

Interested clients may leave their comments and queries about the above types of kitchen worktops in the space mentioned below.