6 Branded Granite Worktops at My Kitchen Worktop to Create a Pristine Kitchen

If you’re looking for natural granite surfaces for pristine kitchen worktops, it’s important to do thorough research to choose the right worktop supplier in the UK. You may learn that there are branded ranges of natural granite that come with warranty against defects and faults. Furthermore, understanding your specific requirements will ensure you source the right worktop material for your needs.

Granite is one of the most popular materials for worktops across residential, as well as commercial, properties. This classic natural stone is famous for creating both traditional and contemporary interior designs. In addition, granite offers incredible performance characteristics, making a highly versatile decoration material. Formed in the core of Mother Nature, granite has an exotic appearance, maximum durability and requires minimum maintenance.

Furthermore, branded granite worktops by My Kitchen Worktop are available in different patterns and colours, ranging from white granite worktops to beige and orange tones. With so many options to choose from, today it’s easier to look for the desired granite worktop for any type of project and budget.  

While materials such as Black Granite kitchen worktops and Pure White granite slabs are the timeless options, some other new hues are also leaving a strong mark. If you’re looking for unique branded granite for a luxurious interior appeal, consider the following six options at My Kitchen Worktop:

1. Zimbabwe Black Granite by Levantina: As the name indicates, Zimbabwe Black granite is an intense dark natural stone for sophisticated interior applications that is original from Africa. It boasts a deep black backdrop with luxe silver graining across the surface. It is quarried from an area of Mashonaland in northern Zimbabwe and further exported to the UK. Quarry owners at Levantina offer a certified warranty on its Naturamia® stones for kitchen worktop applications for a period of 10 years.

Black Granite

2. Sensa Moak Black Granite: Available in a subtle matte finish, this Sensa Granite has an intense hue to create a harmonious vibe. The neutrality of this simple granite intends to evoke an understated elegance into any modern kitchen or exterior project. It is a versatile design with a neutral appeal, besides a unique character. Once installed, this natural material is likely to maintain its beautiful lustre for many years to come. Sensa is a Collection from Cosentino, the largest manufacturer and quarry owner in the world, offering 15 years warranty on its stones.

Black Granite

3. Lennon Blue Granite: Lennon Blue Granite is another gorgeous natural stone from My Kitchen Worktop. It also has a neutral backdrop with embellished crystalline minerals running across its surface. Besides being a strong natural stone, it also brings natural aesthetics to any room where it’s installed. Moreover, it is known for its high resistance to staining, scratches and impact.

Pristine Kitchen

4. Naturamia Feratto Granite: This branded granite is another incredible natural stone boasting exotic brown and ochre tones. This unique natural worktop is perfect for adding exquisite grandeur to any interior through its irresistible beauty and natural charm.

exotic kitchen

5. Tropical Storm Granite: It is another intense black natural stone from Brazil. It features veins and grains on its spectacular combination of beige, orange and white tones. This material is likely to fill a room with a sophisticated twist on a black granite surface. Furthermore, it is hard-wearing and resistant to scratches, staining and etching.

Storm Granite

6. White Macaubas Granite: Love the classic white interior? Sensa White Macaubas granite will be perfect for you. This natural stone is quarried from Brazil and exported to the UK. It features an opaque white backdrop with darker grey veins running across its surface. Its distinctive polished finish is likely to bring uniform and unparalleled natural beauty to any interior and exterior project alike.

White Macaubas Granite

Using any of these branded granite materials by My Kitchen Worktop; you can easily make a dream kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room or workplace. These natural products can preserve the integrity of any space, despite any temperature condition. They also prevent the bacterial formation and hence, make these surfaces ideal for wet areas like shower trays, washbasins, bathroom worktops, flooring, etc.