The 9 Most Popular Black Materials for Kitchen Worktops in 2018

Installing a new kitchen worktop can be a time- and effort-consuming process. Further to the time and effort required to research and source the perfect worktop surface for your kitchen, you also need to invest a considerable amount of money in it. Needless to say, you definitely would want to ensure that the worktop you select is easy to clean, is highly resistance to staining and scratches that it has minimum maintenance requirements and that can also easily retain its original beauty for many years to come.

As a result of this, many homeowners and interior designers that wish to have worktops that are beautiful yet don’t overpower a room making it a timeless investment; opt for kitchen worktops in black shades, which are stylish and elegant when compared to worktops in seasonal or strong colours that may fade out of fashion over time. The pure and dark shade of black worktops can easily adapt to any design style, allowing the surfaces to look way better than worktops in other colours after a few years.

If you too are looking for a black kitchen worktop but are confused with the material that you should select, we have a list of top nine materials for 2018 which will help you get started in choosing the correct type of material for your kitchen worktop application.

1. Neolith Nero Marquina porcelain

Sintered porcelain surfaces are more durable and stronger than compared to standard porcelain surfaces. If you are looking for a black sintered porcelain worktop, Neolith Nero Marquina porcelain can be a great choice. The black backdrop with striking white veins across the surface makes it look trendy and perfect for any contemporary kitchen decor. Neolith Nero Marquina brings an ultracompact surface that won’t scratch, stain or etch; withstanding the most demanding tasks in any kitchen, be it residential or commercial.


2. Dekton Domoos

From Dekton’s ‘Solid’ collection, Domoos is a pure black ultracompact surface made out of blended quartz, glass, porcelain and other raw materials,  which makes it highly resistant to UV rays, scratch, stains, heat, and abrasion, making it a great choice for kitchen worktop applications. Further to the superior performance characteristics of Dekton worktops, the ‘Sinterized Particle Technology’ used for manufacturing Dekton Domoos enables it to retain the colour for decades to come, without losing its deep black tint which will ensure long-standing elegance in any type of kitchen.


3. Quarella Roman Black quartz

Quarella Quartz is a popular quartz surface manufacturer from Italy, with over 40 years experience in the conglomerate stone industry. Quarella has been making products dedicated to the kitchen surface market since the 70’s with the arrival of technical marble and has included engineered quartz products to its ranges in the 1990’s. Since then, Quarella has offered a reliable kitchen worktop material that satisfies the needs of the most demanding applications in interiors of all types.

Quarella Roman Black Quartz belongs to the ‘Living’ collection this renowned Italian brand of man-made stones. The pure black quartz surface of Quarella Roman Black quartz with medium-to-fine grain throughout would effortlessly add beauty to any surrounding where it is installed.


4. Cambria Roxwell quartz

If you are looking for a black surface with a twist, Cambria Roxwell quartz can be an excellent choice. The surface has a white and grey background with wavy patterns in dark grey and brown to resemble the natural beauty of granite worktops and marble while still offering the benefits of quartz. Cambria is an American family-owned Company which makes high quality quartz products with artisan skills. Cambria has one of the highest quality control procedures in place amongst quartz manufacturers, ensuring the only the very best grade pure natural quartz stone is embedded on its surfaces. Further to this, Cambria quartz has the widest range of colours available in the USA with a palette of over 140 shades. In the UK, Cambria has partnered with renowned stone distributors and approved fabricators to bring their unique materials to homeowners resulting in ever more adoption and a wider spectrum of materials to come progressively to the UK’s stone market.



5. Caesarstone Vanilla Noir quartz

From Caesarstone’s ‘Supernatural’ collection comes this beautiful Vanilla Noir Quartz surface with a black backdrop and delicate veins in cream and vanilla. Caesarstone Vanilla Noir quartz is 93% quartz and is antibacterial which makes it a great choice for kitchen worktops. With the characteristic beauty and top quality found in all Caesarstone’s products, Vanilla Noir is nothing less than a sensational quartz worktop material that will bring luxurious looks and extreme endurance into residential and commercial interiors alike. Caesarstone has been making quartz products since 1980, becoming the first Company in the world to create a quartz worktop material.


6. Compac Unique Marquina quartz

Compac Unique Marquina surfaces resembles the popular Spanish Negro Marquina marble but with the superior characteristics of quartz stone. The surface is available in Glace (matt) finish as well as in polished finish, to offer the best tactile and visual experience to the homeowners and onlookers.

Compac Unique Marquina quartz is a new addition to the Unique range of quartz materials made by the Spanish powerhouse which follows the super successful launch of Compac Unique Calacatta which is a best-selling material worldwide. Compac Unique Marquina comes in a deep back backdrop with defined white veins randomly scattered in majestic slabs that will ensure style and timeless appeal are present in kitchens and bathrooms across London homes as well as in the rest of the UK.


7. Compac Ice Black quartz

Homeowners looking for something dramatic and almost out of this world, are sure to be impressed with the newly launched Compac Ice Black quartz. The deep black surface with unique, decadent veins in pure white is an outcome of collaboration between Compac and renowned designer Arik Levy, to create the Genesis range of surface materials. The unique glossy finish further enhanced the beauty of the surface and enables it to become the focal point of any kitchen easily. Compac Ice Black is a stunning and original product that comes at a price tag which is mostly due to the intensive manufacturing processes involved in making a truly extraordinary surface that can withstand the demands of being used as a kitchen worktop.


8. Silestone Eternal Marquina quartz

From the ‘Eternal’ collection of Silestone made by Spanish Powerhouse Cosentino, Eternal Marquina Quartz is an interpretation of Spanish Negro Marquina marble but with outstanding performance and physical properties. The black base of Silestone Eternal Marquina quartz is decorated with striking white veins to provide it with a classic and pure appearance that will ensure kitchens are glamorous, sophisticated yet very resistant to scratches, staining and accidental impact. Silestone Eternal Marquina benefits from the newly launched N-Boost procedure which acts at a molecular level within the surface, making it liquid repellent which makes it ideal when cooking with oils, colorants and other foods that may be risky to be used in other worktop materials such as marble or limestone. Eternal Marquina come in both polished finish with a lovely sheen and Suede which is suited for classic environments and period coversions.


9. Unistone Java Black quartz

If you are looking for a simple and affordable back worktop material, Unistone Java Black quartz can be an excellent option. The black backdrop of the surface with white and brown patterns is perfect for modern as well as traditional kitchen decor.

Unistone is a re-brand by Brachot-Hermant who has owns several quarries around the world, trading in the stone industry for over a century. Unistone’s warehouse is located in Birmingham and partners with approved fabricators in London and the South of England making it possible to have a great quartz material in homes of any budgets.

If a black kitchen worktop is what you are looking for, these are nine best recommendations we can make as a trend for 2018. Make sure that you do go through the benefits of all the different materials before making a decision to ensure that your purchase is perfectly in line with your expectations.