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A New Trend in Kitchen Worktops: Composite Worktops

As more and more homeowners gravitate towards installing stone worktops in their kitchen, a particular type of stone that is actually ‘man-made’ is becoming very popular — composite worktops.

Composite worktops are essentially slabs made with some kind of stone and added elements such as resins and dyes. The application of added elements to stones such as granite worktops, marble, quartz and even other material such as glass gives them an incredible amount of range. Now, you can get a worktop in any colour and pattern that you want!


Composite worktops are actually ranked just below quartz worktops when it comes to features such as strength, durability, and heat and acid resistance.

Benefits of installing composite worktops

We have already listed the wide range of colours that composite worktops are available. This does not limit your options when it comes to installing a worktop that perfectly complements the colour-scheme of your home.

Composite worktops ensure that naturally occurring deficiencies of some stones are done away with. They are non-porous in nature and therefore, do not require any resealing. This ensures that your kitchen worktop does not turn into a hotbed for bacterial growth.

Composite worktops are both stain- and scratch-resistant in nature. Any stains can be easily wiped off and scratches, if any, can be sanded down to allow the stone to ultimately retain its original appearance.

These so called ‘engineered worktops’ last for a very long time. In fact, they last longer than laminated worktops.

Many people think that composite and laminated worktops are the same. However, that is not the case. The base material of composite worktops is stone. Therefore, they are far harder than laminated worktops.

In today’s day and age composite worktops are a good and viable option for homeowners who want to install a natural-looking kitchen worktop in their home. They are less bulky than all-stone worktops and because they come added with resins and other effective elements, they last longer than then.

If you are looking to invest in a worktop that will require low maintenance and will also last for long, we suggest you take a look at composite worktops.