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How to Combine Natural Marble & Granite with two-toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are creating waves in the kitchen design industry. If you are planning to remodel your two-toned kitchen cabinets with both natural marble and granite you need to be aware of the properties and colours of the items for getting the best results.

arabescato natural marble

What is a two-toned kitchen cabinet?

The tone is basically the colour and two tones are simply two colours. In the recent past, the idea of having a single colour kitchen, preferably either in dark, medium or bright tones was much sought after. Two contrasting colour kitchen cabinets are in trend now. The upper set of cabinets is usually of a lighter hue and the bottom cabinets are of darker hue keeping the aesthetics in mind.

Things to remember while combining granite and marble in a single two-toned kitchen cabinets

Both Granites and Natural Marble offer spectacular looks. You can decorate the Kitchen Island and edges with both natural marble and granite worktops. However, at the time of considering both the different types of materials you need to have a fair idea about the colour options and properties.

Marble and Granite Colour palette

Different companies have different names for various coloured products so you need to physically see the exact items that you plan to install in your kitchen.

Marble colours generally come in lighter shades and have veins. A natural marble made of limestone comes mostly in shades of white, but certain variants have a tone of orange, yellow, black, grey and blue. Two most popular marble types in terms of colour and texture are Bianco Carrara that is mostly white with variations of bluish and greying tone and Crema Marfil comes in shades of cream, beige and yellow.

Granite colours countertops come in subsets of white, blue, black, yellow, red, grey, burgundy and brown with visible granular appearance.  It can be in single colour, a combination of texture and colour as well as speckled. Arrange the countertops by mixing and matching the colours of both Natural Marble and Granite as per your taste and aesthetics.

Marble and Granite physical properties

Marble made of limestone is a porous material that is susceptible to stains and scratches whereas granite is primarily made of quartz and feldspar along with some other minerals.  Granite is strongly resistant to scratches, stains as well as water.

Keeping its physical properties in mind marble is recommended to make the islands and edges that are less likely to be affected by water, cutting of vegetables, spilling of wine, lime, etc., Granite makes an excellent material to be used on kitchen islands that are used as a place for eating, serving wine, heavy sink usage with spilled water etc., because after you wash it off there will be no stains on granite unlike marble.

Does Marble or Granite make a better bathroom worktop?

Although there is no rule that you cannot use natural marble as bathroom worktops yet granite is recommended over marble for heavy usage. Marble worktops is porous in nature and get stained and scratched very easily and but granite is just the opposite. So, granite is more suitable for bathroom worktops that are susceptible to getting washed by water.

To conclude, both the materials are highly durable and beautiful yet knowing the minute details always help you to select the most suitable material in your two-toned kitchen cabinet design. You must use sealers on both the items over time to keep them in a healthy state.