Consider Pros & Cons of Marble Worktops before Installing

Do you adore the natural look and beauty of marble? Consider installing marble worktops in different areas of your home, including the kitchen, for added beauty and luxury.

Marble is significant for luxury; therefore, many homeowners install it for adding value to their home. The unique pattern on marble surfaces is formed when limestone or dolomite are subjected to high pressure and heat. These temperature changes and conditions lead to rock transformation that creates a distinctive veining effect on marble. Because marble is a natural stone, it enables you to select from an infinite array of patterns that will be unique to you.

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Despite its gorgeous appearance, this natural stone requires a little maintenance to preserve it original sheen over the years. So before selecting marble kitchen worktops, it is best to consider its pros and cons to make the right decision.


  • Timeless Beauty: The elegance of luxurious marble worktops London is known for ages. You can find many European and Roman ancient sculptures made of marble. Even today, many people adore the appealing features of marble and install it into their home for this reason alone.


  • It’s Unique: No two marble slabs are the same due to its natural veining structural design, which varies due to natural rock sedimentation. Since each marble slab is made from an organic, natural process, every marble piece has a distinctive appearance with unique textures and designs. This makes your marble worktop special and distinct.


  • Heat Resistant: Another good quality of marble worktops is that it’s highly heat resistant. Hence, a popular choice for fireplace surrounds. This means that even if you place hot utensils on its surface, you don’t have to worry about damaging the countertop, unlike quartz or engineered marble.


  • Several Design Options: Since marble is a softer stone, fabricators can easily shape London marble worktops in any unusual, fancy or complex edges and shapes. This makes it more workable compared to other harder stones such as granite. Besides, marble is available in many colour options – from white marble to different hues.


  • Naturally Cool: Another advantage of marble is that it has a naturally cool surface that’s beneficial for bakers. For, bakers need a cool surface to prepare and roll dough for pastries.



  • Prone to Stains and Scratches: Just because of its soft nature, marble may be subjected to scratches and etching. Another problem is that white marble worktops can easily stain with acidic liquids and foods, as liquids can easily penetrate its surface. If spillages are wiped of immediately, you should not experience any issues with it.


  • Maintenance: Marble worktops need more care and maintenance compared to man-made materials such as Periodic sealing is required for this natural stone due to its softer and porous nature. Otherwise, the use of heavy pots, mugs or other utensils could chip its surface or break off its corners.


  • Porosity: Since marble is more porous compared to granite, it causes the liquid to seep into its surface. This makes light coloured marble worktops like white or grey marble prone to stains.


  • Expensive: Whether you choose white or black marble, marble is a luxury stone, and luxury won’t come cheap. While you can find some affordable versions of marble, you might have to compromise on the worktop quality. Since marble is available in various colours, designs and textures, it is available in a wider range of quality and price points. Even the installation of marble is expensive and cannot be done by an inexperienced person without avoiding damages. For professional installation, experienced labour is required.


  • Marble is Heavy: This natural stone is quite heavy, so it requires expert fabricators to transport and handle the slabs. If you wish to opt for marble tiles, you need to calculate the weight of marble before installing to ensure your worktop is strong and durable for proper support.


Is marble worktop right for your home?

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The answer to this question depends on how much time you could invest in its maintenance, how heavy is your household traffic and whether the stunning appearance of marble is more important for you than any other material. Once you figure out the answers to these queries, you also need to accept the fact that marble worktops need a little maintenance for keeping these natural surfaces looking fresh and new for many years. Most households only require sealing of their marble between 18-24 months. Sealants are inexpensive and easy to apply.