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Dekton vs. Granite: What are the Differences?

If you love creative design and innovation, then you probably have considered Dekton or Granite as possible materials for surfaces in your space. The versatility of uses is one of the most advantageous properties of stone which includes façades, floors, walls, worktops and other types of interior and interior applications. Choosing the right type of material that suits your particular requirements is what will make the whole difference at both residential homes and/or workplaces.

Please find below are the main differences that you need to know concerning Dekton and Granite.


Its composition blends three main technologies- glass, porcelain and quartz, including an exclusive mix of raw materials that are exclusive to the brand.

If you need massive slabs then both granite and Dekton are the right choice of material. The provider can supply and install ultra-sized pieces at dimensions of 3200x1440mm when it comes to Dekton.

It can work similarly with natural granite as slabs can be sourced in sizes of up to 3400x2000mm although really big slabs aren’t found every day and it is difficult to predict availability in the size of a natural stone slab desired, so we would recommend allowing extra time should you decide to embark in such endeavour with natural granite.

Coming back to Dekton, its synthesis provides the same or even better characteristics found in natural stones, married with a smooth texture but with the additional choice of thicknesses as it is available in  8mm, 12mm,  20mm and soon, 30mm.

Another benefit worth mentioning is the UV protection which is also a feature found in Granite. Dekton does not discolour when exposed to the sun and it is ideal for both interior and exterior applications that require continuity in design, colour and pattern. It also provides mechanical strength that highly resists scratches, stains, and abrasions. More advantageously, Dekton won’t ever require sealing like granite and it can be easily cleaned with household chemicals such as a window cleaning spray and a kitchen cloth.

Another important consideration to keep in mind is that Dekton’s high thermal coefficient makes it immune to extreme temperatures, hot and cold. Sudden and extreme changes in temperature on a natural stone surface may cause a hairline crack due to thermal shock. Having said this, granite is very strong stone and this is unlikely to occur in most cases.

Dekton kitchen worktops' durability is assured for a lifetime with low-maintenance that facilitates your daily cleaning tasks. Even though Dekton is made under industrial conditions, the colour diversity you find in it is a lot more than Granite since it is customized by its manufacturer according to client’s taste and market demand.

kitchen worktop with multiple hob cut outs in Dekton Domoos in a Smooth Mate finish

Above image shows a kitchen worktop with multiple hob cut outs in Dekton Domoos in a Smooth Mate finish


The beauty of granite is as much exclusive or perhaps even more so than Dekton. It delivers the most sophisticated aspect with sheer brilliance and unmatched performance when compared to other building and decoration products. The material is available worldwide and it comes in hundreds of different colours, shades and patterns. You can find the best quality material anywhere in the UK from a reliable supplier which is the main item to consider when you approach a stone company for granite worktops as it comes in different qualities and even though a granite may have the same name, these make look very different in terms of looks.

Granite's strength generally exceeds a homeowner’s expectation. If you own granite kitchen worktops in London, you can place sharp utensil on the top and it is assured to remain intact forever. It is also highly resistant to stains, accidental impact, and scratches which make it an ideal surface for areas such as kitchens, workspaces and flooring.

As with any other product, the surface is as much essential as any other precious and valued home furniture or appliance. It is a clear material, with very low porosity. A coating of sealant will be applied upon installation by reliable suppliers and re-sealing is required every 12-24 months depending on how much use the surface may receive. Sealing of natural stone has become extremely affordable with the arrival of the internet as you can purchase a bottle of sealant of a top brand at very little cost and will last for at least a good couple of years. Applying a sealant is a straightforward procedure and can be achieved by using a cloth and following the bottle’s instructions.

Granite is also recommended for applications such as floorings and walls. Once you seal it then lustre and resistance remain for several years to come. As mentioned above, sealing only takes a few minutes; it adds extra poise and value to your space. It enhances your surface experience by delivering comfort, luxury and a peaceful feeling in your room.

Generally, Dekton, marble and granite in London are one of the most popular for homeowners, interior and landscape designers, architects and building constructions in the UK and abroad.

Due to their natural aspects whether man-made or natural, these stones are recommended for indoor and outdoor usage. Economically speaking, the budget may vary according to the proportion of your project and the look and availability of the material in question.

As an example, a white granite such as  Bianco Crystal are fairly common and can easily be quarried in many countries including Italy, Greece and India which makes it highly affordable. Other granite types that may be more rare or striking in terms of looks many need to be quarried at heights or be found only in remote places which makes their prices more expensive. An example of this may be Azul Macaubas from Brazil.

Bianco Antico Granite island with a built up edge with Sensa protection treatment by Cosentino

Bianco Antico Granite island with a built up edge with Sensa protection treatment by Cosentino

With crystalline lustre, durability and elegance, these stones are highly suggestive to compose with any idea you may have in mind. You can find numerous creative collections of granite worktops and Dekton countertops at varying prices that are suited to all budgets.