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Which is the best edge style for your quartz worktops?

After selecting the best quartz worktop colour/design for your kitchen, choosing the right edge style is another important decision to make. Since you touch the worktop – be it in the kitchen or bathroom – quite often, it’s crucial to know the impact your worktop edge will have on the overall aesthetics of the interior.

Here is a list of different edge profiles that look great on quartz worktops, next to glass splashbacks, neutral walls or stainless steel sinks. After learning about these edge designs, you will be able to understand which particular style will complement the overall look of your kitchen.


Eased & Polished Edge

The eased and polished edge profile has a squared edge with soft corners. This particular edge design is ideal for simple yet attractive minimalist interior design. It is a common edge style for quartz worktops.

Straight Edge

Don’t be mistaken by its name, as this edge profile doesn’t have straight edges. Instead, it comes with slightly round edges for reducing the risk of any damage to the worktop surface and preventing any injuries. This design is great for low-key kitchen and bathroom worktops.


This particular edge profile has a straight upper corner and boasts a quarter-circle on the lower corner. It is a nice alternative to the ogee edge style.

Double Bullnose

This edge profile boasts two bullnose edges. It blends two-quarter circles set on top of one another for creating a beautiful edge that complements any kitchen design. 


Chiseled edge style has a rustic appeal into a kitchen, featuring exposed raw stone to give a natural appearance to the interior. The jagged edges of this countertop look wild with slight roughness around the edges.

Half Bevel

Want to add some pizzazz to your quartz worktop? The half beveled edge profile is a perfect option. It has an angular edge on its top side. This profile is perfect for adding a subtle effect onto an interior with an elegant and stylish look without overwhelming appearance. It even adds some functionality to the quartz surface, as it won’t let the liquid run through its edges. This will reduce any risk of damage to cabinets below the countertop.

Double Bevel

The double-beveled edge profile has angled edges on either side of the quartz worktop. This helps in forming a reflective worktop surface for catching light to create a big impact on the worktop. 

Full-Bullnose Edge

It is another quite popular worktop option for quartz worktops. This edge style has a rounded edge that adds a soft touch to any worktop design. This is a timeless and classic option for kitchen spaces in homes with children, as this profile doesn’t have any sharp edges.

Ogee/Cove Dupont

The ogee edge profile is popular among premium edge designs. A quartz worktop with ogee edges boasts an S-shaped curve that appears elegant and complements the traditional kitchen design.

Large Ogee Edge

It is a great profile for adding an elegant and dramatic touch to traditional kitchens. Boasting a large concave radius, this worktop profile has a flowing design for a premium effect. This edge style is likely to make your Silestone Statuario quartz worktop stand out in any interior.


Which Worktop Edge is Right for You?

Eased edge, Ogee Dupont, Full-Bullnose and more, you have various options to choose from. We suggest evaluating your kitchen or bathroom style before deciding which edge profile suits the interior the best. Not sure which edge style you want? Consult professional worktop design experts for finding the right worktop edge for your kitchen interior. Experts will also ask you about your requirements in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Hence, you’ll be able to find the right edge for your worktop without any hassle.