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Grey Kitchen Ideas: Materials and Brands to Create your Ideal Room

Many of us like to browse through decoration magazines and online catalogues to get ideas, or just to enjoy beautiful spaces. If you are one of those people, you may have realized that grey kitchens are very much in vogue. And no wonder why: the many shades that grey has to offer, along with the different ways in which it can be combined and accentuated, make for a beautiful, elegant choice for any given space. That is why we have gathered some grey kitchen ideas to answer the main questions that people usually have when considering this colour for their homes.

How to Style a Grey Kitchen

So, you may have decided to go for a grey kitchen, but now the big question arises: how to do it? Grey is a great choice if you want a modern look for your kitchen, but not all grey kitchen ideas are equally good. For instance, if you choose grey kitchen cabinets and grey walls, you should get a lighter colour for your worktop and floor, specially if your kitchen is not very big. In fact, when working with these shades, the key is to play with contrast and accents. Let’s see how.

What Colour Goes with Grey Kitchen Units?

As we were saying, grey is a great option for modern-looking and elegant kitchens, but it needs to be used wisely. You can take advantage of this opportunity to show a bit of yourself in the decoration of this essential part of your home. By playing with lighter and darker shades of grey, or even with bold colour contrasts, you can create a more elegant and refined space, or a fun and unique room.

If you prefer the former, we recommend using the same shade of grey in your kitchen cabinets and walls, so there is a continuity in the upper part of the space. Then, introduce lighter colours like white or creams through your worktop and floor, and you will get a spacious and airy feel. Matt-finished cabinets go specially well with big spaces, whereas glossy furniture is usually left for smaller kitchens.

What About the Worktop?

Grey kitchen worktops are also a very popular choice nowadays, but we would not recommend one of those for a grey-themed kitchen. Your worktop is actually a great opportunity to introduce a different shade or feel to your design, so you should consider it carefully.

Among the grey kitchen ideas of great designers, there is one that always makes the cut: a grey natural marble worktop. The contrast between the beautiful veins and the plain cabinets adds texture and depth to your design, along with an elegant, timeless look. 

Black slate worktops are also becoming increasingly popular for all types of kitchens, and the contrast between a light grey kitchen and a dark countertop will create a modern and unique space for you and your loved-ones.

Speaking of contrast, there is no reason why you should make do with a grey and white kitchen if you are craving some colour. The good thing about grey and is that it goes well with many other shades. So why not combining your grey kitchen cabinets with a glossy red glass worktop? With grey kitchen ideas, the sky is the limit! 

Should the Floor be Grey as Well?

As we have repeatedly stated throughout this post, there are no good or bad grey kitchen ideas, it is a matter of how well you combine one idea with the rest. So, if you want a grey concrete floor for your kitchen, that is fine! You will actually get a very modern industrial feel that many important designers are crazy about at the moment. Moreover, you could even choose some porcelain grey kitchen tiles, as long as your cabinets and walls have some different shades and accents. 

However, we must admit that our personal favourites, specially for a dark grey kitchen, are the classic grey and white or grey and wood pairs. The lighter, warmer tones give your kitchen a homey feel, and add light to a space that, at the end of the day, needs to feel welcoming and cosy.

Will Grey Kitchens Ever Go out of Style?

Whether you decide that you prefer a light grey kitchen with warm accents (for instance, metallic handgrips) or a large dark grey kitchen with matte-finished cabinets, one thing is clear: these grey kitchen ideas will never go out of style. 

Grey and white kitchens are a classic, and a timeless, modern choice at the same time. At the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing: one needs to be careful when choosing the details, like the right splashback for your kitchen, the perfect colour for the walls or the right worktop. 

For the latter, do not forget to browse through our online catalogue. My Kitchen Worktop works with the best providers in the United Kingdom, and our experts will be happy to help should you have any questions regarding the design of your kitchen.