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How Do You Repair Marble? Everything You Need to Know!

One of the most preferred natural stones for residential use is the marble. When white marble worktops are used at home, whether in the kitchens or in the backyard by the lawn, there is nothing quite like it that can add as much grace, value and serenity. As durable and strong a marble is, it is susceptible to cracks and maybe even breaking if something very heavy falls on it. There are many things you can do yourselves that can save you a lot of money instead of hiring a marble supplier in London for a professional help.

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Repairing Marble flooring in the UK

If marble flooring suffers chipping or cracking, first you need to brush out the debris using a small vacuum cleaner or a tack cloth to remove the dust off the circumference of the hole.

To put back a disjointed chunk simply bring a marble adhesive and apply it around the hole and the broken off marble piece and place it inside. Press down and leave it for some time. Afterwards, use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess adhesive off the floor.

If you are missing a piece of marble, buy an epoxy and follow its directions. Using a spoon, fill the epoxy into the hole until it overflows through the edges. Then use a putty knife to smoothen the edges. Bring a wet rag to remove excess water and wipe around the edges of the hole.

Repairing Marble kitchen worktops in the U.K.

There are many ways to repair marble kitchen worktops. Some may take a little while to heal but most of the times, it is easy enough to fix.

Repairing Marble kitchen worktops

Waxing- Waxing brings shine to the marble and acts like a protective barrier to prevent additional scratching and/or etching of its surface.

Varnishing- Regular varnishing also defends the marble from regular wear and tear. Consider applying a coat of polyurethane.

Epoxy Sealant & Adhesive- For minor cracks use an epoxy sealant after a thorough cleaning of the cracked surface. For broken or chipped off areas on the marble, use an epoxy adhesive after rigorous cleaning of the area with a lint-free clean cloth and acetone in an open well-lit part of the house. Carefully apply a thin layer of the adhesive and reattach the chipped or broken piece. Once it is set, softly wipe away any excess epoxy. Let it dry and then apply wax or varnish.

Tin Oxide- Also known as a grade polishing powder at building supply stores, use it to repair scratches and stains on a marble’s surface. To apply the powder to the marble worktop, using a piece of felt fabric and gently rub it in until the scratch or stain is removed.