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How to Design a Beautiful Kitchen Pantry with World Class Kitchen Worktops

Designing the interior of your house can be quite overwhelming when you do not know what to include and what to get rid of. The study of the floor plan and the knowledge of the latest trends in the market will reveal what you need and what you can get from the contemporary market. Just decide a budget first and avail the best advice from a professional supplier to get the ideas about the available designs. There are hundreds of new and innovative man-made products that look like natural materials nowadays. There is quartz, porcelain, ceramics, terrazzo and many others that can add an organic look to your designs whilst offering great performance.


Things to include in your kitchen pantry The entire design will depend only on two factors. The area of the kitchen floor and the budget you can go for. A well-fabricated plan will offer an excellent ambience in your kitchen area when you use the space available in an intelligent way. Many architects and interior specialists design spaces in a way that when purchasing stone for your kitchen, they will also ensure there is an off-cut big enough left, to complete your pantry. This way, not only that you will have consistency across both rooms but you would also have it done within budget and at great value. 20mm thick stone is ideal for this type of activities as it can be used both horizontally as worktops and also vertically as upstands and splashbacks without having to incur in great additional costs.

  • Pantry section

The storage unit should be precisely designed to provide ample space and also leave enough area to move around in the kitchen. The best and leading designs from Larder Kitchen offer ample space for the cupboard embedded within the wall. The bi-fold door and a small countertop at the waist length are ideal for a modern kitchen design including an island worktop. Adding quartz worktops from the leading supplier, My Kitchen Worktop will make the presentation astounding. You can also choose a classic kitchen pantry design by adopting the Dutch colonial style. The simple racks and open white cabinets surrounding an elegant marble worktop in the middle are an excellent choice for a medium sized kitchen. The marble worktops from the world-renowned brands such as Neolith will offer beautiful authentic options to add to your kitchen plan.

  • Kitchen worktop

The position of the kitchen worktop will also define the ambience of the floor. The contemporary and classic stone surface designs from Silestone and Neolith will escalate the beauty of the worktops. The durable natural and engineered stone surfaces are the latest trends to avail. There are exuberant patterns in the natural stone section and colours in the engineered stone section you can choose from to create a style statement in the pantry design.

silestone lyra londonSilestone Lyra kitchen worktops and matching pantry by My Kitchen Worktop in London


  • Leaving ample space

While adding the latest and innovative features in your kitchen, do not forget to leave ample space to move around freely. A cluttered kitchen with a limited space to move is not healthy for a home. If you have less space then choose a compact countertop design with an embedded sink that can be installed below a pantry compartment with cabinets. Also, certain materials will provide your space with an illusion that makes it look bigger than it actually is. White stones such as Silestone Blanco Zeus, Dekton Zenith, Neolith Arctic White and Caesarstone Pure White quartz, are a few popular options in 2018. These materials provide you with a blank canvas so you can design the rest of your space freely, as they combine well with any other colour and object in the room. They also provide you with a timeless look which will never fade with the passage of time.

neolith arctic white kitchen worktopsNeolith Arctic White worktops in a Silk finish, provide a matt white surface that works with any other object and colour in a property


In a nutshell The world class kitchen pantry and worktop designs can be easily customized when you avail the right service provider. It is all about presentation. Choose from the trendiest marble or quartz worktops for your kitchen and add a pantry cabinet with a compatible texture. Design your kitchen pantry to use the space available in an optimum way and also to get admired by the guests.