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How to Design Your Kitchen Just Like a Guru using Sensa Granite and Quartzite Materials

People often use marble, granite, quartzite and quartz to design their kitchens. While marble and granite are natural stones, quartz is a manufactured stone. All three have their own pros and cons. Granite is preferred for its elegance and the brightness and smoothness it imparts to the area.

Sensa Black indian granite

Sensa granite is premium natural granite, which is virtually maintenance-free. The one drawback that granite is associated with, is that it is porous and hence prone to stains. Sensa worktops by Cosentino are treated with SenGuard, which is a revolutionary stain protection treatment, making its surface stain resistant.

Comparatively, quartz is harder. As it is non-porous, it doesn’t get stained and it’s easy to keep this surface bacteria-free. But it is less resistant than granite when it comes to high heat, and therefore one needs to be careful while putting hot cooking pans on it.

One can go for either stone depending, on his or her preference of natural or manufactured stones. Additionally, the pros and cons associated with each of this stone must be taken into consideration, depending on the type of application for which the stone may be required.

As an example, quartz works perfectly well in practically any area of interiors, but it isn’t suitable for exteriors. On the other hand, practically all granite is suitable for interior and exteriors.

Here are a few tips to help you design your kitchen with Sensa Granite and quartzite materials. Here’ how different varieties of Sensa Granite work:

  • Sensa Luna Blanca: Luna Blanca, which is a polished Indian colour, evokes maroon and grey tones against a moon-white background. It makes a very elegant choice for countertops, walls as well as flooring.
  • Sensa Silver Blue: The blue and white ripples on a natural silver background give this stone a bold tone.  It is a new colour in the market that looks awesome in the kitchen with its metallic finish.
  • Sensa Smoky White: This is again found in India and is known to create an exotic design with its black, white and silver waves. It looks very good in the kitchen, especially with cabinets in contrast shades.
  • Sensa White Alamo: This subtle granite is a new colour in the market from Brazil. As it blends greys and whites with just a little hint of black, it gives the appearance of natural art. The stone goes well with the monochrome colour theme in the kitchen.
  • Sensa White Napoli: It is a polished Brazilian stone which gives elegance to the area it is installed. It has a creamy white background with highlights of black and grey.

When it comes to Sensa cost, it is quite economical ranging between $36 and $89 per square foot.

Now coming to quartzite materials, they generally come in shades of white or light grey. The reddish-brown, pink and golden hues can result in the presence of different minerals in it. As it has delicate veining like marble and colouration and patterning similar to granite, it is often preferred over these two. It is harder like quartz and the con of quartz, which is less resistance to heat is also absent in it which makes it a preferred choice. One can thus go with either Sensa Granite or quartzite materials for designing their kitchen. For more Sensa Granite Worktops & Colours you can browse