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How to remove burn marks from glass splashback? Top tips

Have you ever felt desperate to remove burn marks from your glass splashback? Is it never perfect after cleaning? If you have arrived here, this means that a perfect finish is important to you and that you care for your worktop. In order to help you with this difficult step on the kitchen-cleaning routine, here you will find some top tips about how to remove burn marks from glass splashback. Let’s see what we need.

Materials needed for removing marks from glass splashback

You will need two wipe cloths, a razor blade scraper, vinegar, a lemon and baking soda. As you can see, these products are easy to find, and they are cheap, which means that with little we can achieve a good result. Besides, these are environmentally friendly products that respect your health and your kitchen.

Steps for removing marks from glass splashback

First, the most important tip about how to remove burn marks from glass splashback is to follow these steps as soon as you see the burn mark. This will help you to remove them easily without taking the risk of damaging your splashback. So even if you are in a rush, take a couple of minutes to follow the steps. If the burn marks have been there for a while, just wait more minutes between steps.

Dissolve the burn marks

To start removing marks from glass splashback, you need to soften the surface. If the burn mark has been there for a while, it is very probable that it is stuck to the surface. In this case, you have to soften the surface longer. 

For this, you will take a part of lemon juice and a part of vinegar. You can spread it as you wish – manually, with a spray bottle or with a cloth. The most important point is to add a good amount of the mixture on the splashback. Then, leave it for a few minutes, or just a couple if the burn marks are recent.

Scrape the excess

Now that the burn marks are softened, take the razor blade scraper. If you do not want your glass splashback to get scratched, make sure you use it softly and perpendicularly, that is to say, at a 45-degree angle. As we have already softened the marks, the excesses should be easy to remove. Do it carefully and take your time to complete.

Let the burn marks dissolve again

When it does not feel rough whenever you pass the scratcher, you will be sure that the excess of burn is gone. Nevertheless, to make sure that you have a perfect finish, spread the lemon-vinegar mix again and leave. After some minutes, take one of the microfibre clothes in order to wipe off the excess and liquids on the surface. 

For difficult burn marks

If it does not seem that it works properly, we must help the excess to soften even more. For this, moist the marked area and sprinkle some baking soda over it. Let sit for some minutes and remove with the microfibre cloth.

What to do if the burn mark will not disappear

 If the burn mark does not go off, repeat the process and let the vinegar-lemon mix and the baking soda act longer. If after several trials the area is scratched or there is a discoloration, there is maybe time to change the splashback. If you need help with choosing your splashback, please let us know, at My Kitchen Worktop we will help you to choose a good quality one in order to avoid burn marks issues.