How to Take Care of Caesarstone Worktops?

Caesarstone worktops are an excellent addition to any modern kitchen. They come in a variety of colours and instantly add value to any home — from pristine whites to edgy maroons and blacks, the list is endless. However, just like any other purchases that you make for your kitchen, your worktop too will require some maintenance, although, we can assure that is really easy to keep Caesarstone quartz worktops looking fine and remaining durable.

4330 Caesarstone Quartz Ginger Kitchen Worktops Do not let it come into direct contact with hot objects: Yes, we all have the urge to simply place that scalding hot frying pan directly onto the worktop because after all it is quartz and therefore will, in all probability withstand the heat. However, simply for the sake of being cautious use inexpensive mats that can cushion the heat well. Not only will guard you against fire hazards but will also ensure that your worktop is not adversely affected. Do not chop vegetables and cut meat directly on the surface of Caesarstone quartz worktops: The idea here is same as above — why risk a nasty scratch on your beautiful Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo worktop? Simply use a chopping board and you will drastically cut down the chances of having to look at a scratched surface daily! Be regular with cleaning the surface of the worktop: After a long day in the kitchen preparing a big meal for the family, you may feel like putting off cleaning for the next day. But, what if we told you that all you need to do is simply wiping down the surface of your worktop with a wet sponge? That sounds easy. In case of a tough stain or spill remove the excess material with a plastic putty knife and then wipe down the remaining elements with a wet sponge dipped in any dishwashing liquid mixed with some water. Maintaining Caesarstone quartz worktops is very easy. These surfaces will you the advantage of installing something that looks exactly like stone but which lasts longer. Caesarstone countertops are tougher than granite worktops and their care and maintenance regime is minimal!