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4 New Dark Quartz Stones with Vivid Depth & Ease of Clean from Silestone [Interiors]

Silestone has come up with their four newest dark quartz stones that embody beauty of the dark sky and subsequent darkness with Iconic Black, Stellar Negro, Marengo and Negro Tebas. These surfaces have been created using Cosentino's patented N-Boost technology that gave rise to unique technical and aesthetic features that a homeowner would seek from a beautiful surface such as these. Let us understand the N-Boost technology and the features that it adds on to Silestone surfaces in some detail.

What is Silestone N-Boost technology?

Cosentino's motto of innovation led to the creation of 'N-Boost technology'. Using this technical advancement, modifications can be made to Silestone to enhance its molecular properties. The main purpose that this scientific advancement serves is that it facilitates easier cleaning while imparting great shine to the surface. It also invites a broad range of colour options. The ‘N-Boost New Generation 4.0’ is a quartz surface revolution. The stone was first launched in 1999 and has gone through transformations including protection against bacteria introduced in 2005 and the development of matte finishing in 2012.

Salient features:

Silestone contains 94% of natural quartz, one of the most abundantly found hardest mineral on earth. That is why Silestone products are favoured for worktops, floors, bathrooms, etc. Other features of this product include stain-free coating in Polish, Suede or Volcano finish. It’s features prevent it from any damage under extreme conditions like humidity and rain. For instance, you can apply the above-mentioned Silestone surfaces on the patio since neither the UV rays nor the humidity will have any effect on the stone. Silestone has come up with their four newest dark quartz stones: Iconic Black- It is a truly unmatched purest black quartz surface available on the market. Iconic Black is the epitome of darkness that comes with a polished finish and a shine that reflects light in its entirety.

Iconic Black

Stellar Negro- With the darkest background and light-catching crystals that reminds you of a night sky, the Stellar Negro reflects the light beautifully and stuns the surrounding environment.

Stellar Negro

Marengo- When you get either polished or suede finishing with Marengo, you will visualise an intense grey tone. Due to N-Boost technology, Marengo offers a simple-look and multifunctional use.


Negro Tebas- Offering a deep, subtle tone, Negro Tebas has a uniform intensity throughout the slab that comes in polished and suede finishing. Whilst most quartz manufacturers discontinued their plain black surfaces due to the fact they require a little bit more maintenance than for example a white with a pattern, Cosentino pushed their game further by launching more black quartz materials in 2017 which is set to continue in the new 2018 calendar year.

Negro Tebas

When deciding which Silestone colour to choose for your kitchen re-décor, consult leading suppliers like My Kitchen Worktop in London, an authorised Silestone supplier in the British markets. Silestone Iconic Black, Stellar Negro, Marengo and Negro Tebas express purity in the formative substances and excellence in the technological evolution.