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All You Need to Know about the New Silestone Bathroom Collection 2018

Refurbishing a bathroom is an excellent way to add functionality, liveability, and value to your home. But due to the different type of materials, styles, and elements involved in any bathroom renovation, the process can take a lot of thinking, organisation and to bear in mind that careful decisions are to be made. Most homeowners start this process by selecting the correct type of material for their bathroom considering both personal needs and aesthetics. They look for something that is not just functional but looks great as well.

The increasing demand for beautiful, durable and functional materials for the bathroom has made engineered stones a very popular option as with the latest technological advances in the manufacturing of man-made stone, there is a new breed of products that look like natural materials such as marble, wood, concrete and cement; but without the inherent issues that these natural products inherently have in traditional building and decoration. In fact, an increasing number of homeowners, architects and interior designers in the UK now look for engineered stone when it comes to its use in bathroom refurbishment. Silestone is a renowned manufacturer of engineered stone materials with over 25 years in the production of quartz stone. The Silestone Quartz range consists of 50 original colours that vary in sizes, patterns, colours and finishes ensuring there is a Silestone surface that will adapt to your needs whether it is related to aesthetics, performance or budget. Cosentino, the Company behind Silestone, uses over 93% of pure natural quartz and a host of other raw materials and resins to manufacture products that are not just extraordinarily resilient and hard but that also look vibrant and unique.


The above image shows a Quartz Washbasin, model ‘Elegance’ made from Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

Benefits of Using Silestone in Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most demanding spaces in any home. It remains damp most of the time, and even the temperature fluctuations are common. There is a fair amount of daily traffic by the homeowners, friends or any other guests too. Moreover, many different types of personal hygiene and chemical products are also used in the bathroom. The physical attributes of Silestone are such that it can easily withstand all the demanding requirements of any bathroom, be it a residential or commercial environment. Some of the top benefits of using Silestone quartz products include-

  • Impact and stain resistance: Silestone is a better option when compared to a host of other popular materials for the bathroom due to its great impact and stain resistance. As an example, rather than choosing marble shower tray which is prone to damages and scratches, a shower tray made from Silestone is a better option.
  • Strength and durability: As Silestone is made from quartz and other strong raw materials, its strength and durability are one-of-a-kind. Marble rates 3 in the Moh’s scale of strength for natural stones, granite rates number 6 and Silestone rates between number 6-7 being the third strongest mineral on earth after Diamond and Ruby. You can rest assured that it will look and function the sameway as on day one, even after many years of use.
  • Minimal water absorption: With a space that remains damp most of the time, it is very important to select a material that absorbs minimum moisture. Silestone is a great choice in this regard as well as it is a non-porous material which means liquids do not penetrate its surface. Further to this, the new and exclusive N-Boost treatment which is embedded in all Silestone products, ensure the quartz surface acts as a liquid repellent.
  • Anti-slip resistance: You can select an anti-slip surface from Silestone that incorporates strips with soft sandblasting and you can also choose a Suede finish which is a matt with a delicate texture or a Silestone Volcano finish which adds a deep texture, further enhancing its slip-resistance.

The Company has recently launched this new collection of materials and products exclusively for bathrooms due to an increasing demand for materials that have the natural look of marble, concrete or cement but one that comes with superior performance characteristics and minimal maintenance needs. If you are looking for an advanced material for your bathroom, something from this new collection is sure to impress you. -Continue reading to know more about the Silestone 2018 Bathroom Collection.

The collection is made up of a new range of engineered stone collection known as Silestone Nebula Alpha. Apart from this new collection, the brand also offers an extensive range of bathroom worktops, shower trays, coverings for bathroom and basins.

Silestone Nebula Alpha

The Nebula Alpha range by Silestone is inspired by nature. The surfaces accurately represent the depth, balance, and softness of nature through their built and design. Nature-inspired designs look amazing in bathrooms for their elegance and the ability to create a relaxed environment which every homeowner expects from their bathroom.

The collection currently has four different options that you can consider. They are-

1. Ariel: No matter what kind of Silestone bathroom decor you are aiming for, Ariel from the Nebula Alpha Series is sure to blend easily. The white and light grey background of the material with blurred veins can easily integrate into any modern or traditional design.


2. Blanco Orion- If you want something more striking than Ariel, Blanco Orion is a great option. The white and grey luminous background of the material is decorated with slightly darker veins which makes it look like natural stones.


3. Eternal Statuario- If you want to create a minimalist modern bathroom with clean lines, Eternal Statuario is sure to match your expectations. The material has a neutral background with a unique design which sets it apart from other materials.


4. Calypso: Homeowners looking for something in darker shades are sure to be impressed with the depth and contrast of Calypso. The dark-coloured material is available in many different sizes, thicknesses, and edge formats just like all the other materials from the Alpha Nebula Collection.


Silestone Bathroom Worktops

Silestone worktops makes up for an ideal bathroom worktop material due to its astonishing physical characteristics. The stone is scratch and stain-resistant, it has very low absorption levels and does not feature any virtual joints to ensure that your worktop looks and works as good as a new one for years to come. Further to this, Silestone also offers an available 25-year warranty on all its bathroom worktop materials for complete peace of mind, which can be activated by registering your installation at Silestone’s website within 30 days of purchase.

Customized Silestone Bathroom Worktops

Silestone is also one of the very few brands that offer a wide range ofbespoke options with its bathroom worktops. You can mix-and-match materials or match the worktop with wall cladding and washbasin to create a themed look. The customization option offered by the brand, makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking to build a unique and functional bathroom that can add significant value to their homes.

Silestone offers an extensive range of materials that you can select for bathroom worktop. Some of the most popular options include:

Bianco Calacatta- Inspired by the world-renowned Calacatta Marble, Bianco Calacatta features thick grey veining on top of an elegant white backdrop. Combined with Silestone’s N-Boost technology, the material is highly durable and looks practically identical to natural marble but with far superior physical attributes.


Eternal Calacatta Classic- One of the latest releases from Silestone, Eternal Calacatta Classic too is inspired from the Italian Calacatta Marble, but the veiningis not as dark as the ones seen on Bianco Calacatta, which enables users to create designs with subtle details ensuring that the surfaces won’t overpower the room in which they are installed. The material is highly versatile and can be used for any type decor.


Classic White- The Classic White is from Silestone’s Mythology series and has an elegant white base with no veining or patterns. The simplicity of the material makes it an excellent choice for creating a relaxing ambience in your bathroom.


Lagoon-SilestoneLagoon, from the Nebula Series has a white background with a light grey pattern across the surfaces which makes it look classic and exclusive. Available in both polished and Suede finish, Lagoon is an excellent bathroom worktop material if you are trying to to create a modern bathroom with timeless appeal.


Alpina White- If you want something more dramatic for your bathroom, Alpina White from the Mountain Series can be the right quartz stone for you. The material is inspired by the natural beauty of rock formations found in the Alpine Mountains and can effortlessly add a natural appeal to your bathroom.


Silestone Shower Trays

Your shower enclosure surely needs a high-quality tray at the bottom. The durability and beauty of Silestone make it an excellent choice for this type of application. All quartz shower tray offered by Silestone feature anti-slip surfaces with a sandblasted finish which is available upon request, to provide enhanced safety in wet areas. The brand offers a full range of shower trays in many different designs, and once you’ve selected your favourite design, you can then select the right Silestone colour that is ideal for to complete your décor.

Silestone Shower Tray Designs

Silestone Shower Trays will match the rest of the surfaces in your bathroom, with options in 6 different designs:

  • Kador
  • Kador Suite
  • Freccia
  • Doppio
  • Exelis
  • Bubbles

If you are planning to select Silestone as a vanity top or worktop material, wall cladding, covering and washbasin, you can choose the same material for the shower tray as well,which will ensure everything matches perfectly.

Silestone Bathroom Coverings

Be it bathroom walls or bathroom floor, the availability of large Silestone surfaces make it an excellent choice of material aimed at applications suitable for bathroom coverings too. All Silestone colours and materials can be customized as per your requirement to help you maintain the right visual harmony in your bathroom. Since the material is highly durable and resistant to temperature variations, it is an excellent choice for bathrooms where dampness and constant temperature changes are very common. Its non-porosity ensures all bathroom surfaces remain hygienic at all times and with no proliferation of bacteria.

Further to the above, the brand also offers large horizontal surfaces with integrated washbasin without any breaks or joints to help you achieve that perfect, clean look. Almost all the materials offered by Silestone are available in large formats, and you can select any one based on your personal needs and requirements.

Silestone Washbasin

The innovatively designed Silestone wash basins are your best bet, if you are looking to add a touch of elegance and class to any bathroom. The different washbasin designs offered by the brand are highly flexible and can easily integrate into any type of design; ranging from modern, classic or rustic among others. The wash basins are available in all the Silestone colours to help you easily create all the different components of the bathroom, including the washbasin with ease. No matter what size of washbasin you are looking for, Silestone materials can be cut precisely as per your requirements to ensure enhanced convenience.

The brand offers many different washbasin designs. Some of the top options include:

  • Elegance
  • Armony
  • Nova
  • Balance
  • Basic
  • Simplicity
  • Equilibrium

Depending on the size of the counter, you can also add multiple Silestone washbasins. Many of the basins also come with an optional opening for towel holder and wall coping.


While there is no shortage of highly durable materials in the market for use in bathrooms, Silestone is one of the few brands that have launched an entire collection exclusively for the bathroom. Apart from the stunning beauty of the material, it is also one of the most advanced materials with exceptional physical characteristics.

No matter what kind of bathroom you are planning to build, the versatility, affordability, and flexibility of Silestone are sure to match your requirements. Browse through the exclusive Silestone bathroom collection to create a space that is comforting, relaxing and one that significantly improves the value of your home.