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Polished or Honed quartz worktops: Which finish is better?

It is vital to choose the right worktop finish because it can make or break the whole visual appeal of your kitchen interior. Most homeowners prefer a polished quartz worktop for its reflective, smooth and glass-like sheen.

Taj Mahal granite credit to Insperiors Nathan Reynolds 1

A polished worktop is formed with grinding of the surface using fine abrasives unless it gives a natural shine to the stone. A polished quartz worktop reflects light and gives it a glossy appearance. Such light-reflecting countertop surfaces are perfect for enhancing small spaces by amplifying light and making a room appear bigger. This finish is ideal for giving a rich appearance to any modern or traditional home. It also provides bacteriostatic protection to the worktop by making it non-porous, leaving no scope of germs or bacterial penetration.

Honed Quartz Countertops

Honed quartz worktop, or matte worktop, is a surface with lack of shine. Many homeowners prefer the honed kitchen worktop to show fewer smudges and fingerprints. Moreover, this particular quartz surface finish also helps in disguising some debris and crumbs. Like black granite honed finish, a black quartz countertop is also a perfect option for modern kitchen designs to add more dimension to the given space.

Differences between Honed and Polished Quartz

Following are the significant differences between polished and honed quartz worktops:

  • Appearance

The main difference between the appearance of polished and honed granite worktops is that the amount of light they can reflect. While polished worktop can reflect maximum light into space, honed finish reflects minimal to zero light into the interior.

Another difference is that polished worktop can easily show smudges and fingerprints on its surface, unlike the matte worktops. It is because the body marks, such as smudges and fingerprints, come from oil, which has the same sheen as that of the polished worktops.

  • Stain Resistance

The honed quartz has a porous surface, which leaves your worktop more vulnerable to stains. However, the polished quartz countertops are non-porous and highly stain-proof without even the need for a sealant treatment, any need for sealing. But having a non-porous surface of polished worktop doesn’t mean that liquids (especially acidic liquids like lemon, soda, etc.) can be left on the worktops overnight. It only means that there’s more time for cleaning up the spills before dried food or spillage leave any permanent mark on the worktop surface.

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  • Availability

The polished quartz worktops are readily available compared to the matte worktop. The earlier versions of quartz worktops were available only in the glossy finish due to its high demand. However, lately, many homeowners are demanding matte finishes. It has resulted in its increasing availability nowadays.

Sensa White Macaubas quartzite kitchen worktops and island

  • Maintenance

Another significant difference between both these finishes is the maintenance requirement. The polished quartz worktops need a little more attention to wipe off its surface to remove smudges and fingerprints. However, it is not the case with the honed quartz, as it can easily conceal the unwanted smudges and fingerprint marks.

  • Affordability

Quartz worktops are naturally shiny. Due to the standard natural form of polished quartz that doesn’t require much processing, it doesn’t have additional charges.

On the other hand, the matte worktop or honed finish is achieved after the removal of the polished surface that needs further processing and fabrication. That’s why the honed quartz worktop is a little costly, depending on the charges of the fabricator.

Conclusion: Which finish is better – polished or honed?

It’s all about your preference. However, the decision between polished and honed quartz worktops is not easy. It would help if you considered certain factors before making the selection. So, it’s best to take your time before deciding what you like.