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The 8 Best Kitchen Splashback Materials 2018 [Interiors]

One of the most delightful feelings you get upon entering your kitchen is the sense of togetherness because you spend a lot of time with friends and family here. Hygiene is an important aspect that deeply concerns most homeowners when choosing an anti-bacterial surface. Here are the 8 best kitchen splashback materials for 2018: 1. Neolith Estatuario: Estatuario draws an artistic map composed of thick veins on a white background. This magnificent stone comes in 3 different versions with their respective subtle variations that create a book-match effect while offering diversity, becoming one of the best 8 kitchen splashback materials for 2018

  • Estatuario E01- veins run left to right-hand-side.
  • Estatuario E01R- veins run right to left-hand-side.
  • Estatuario E04- veins run left to right-hand-side.
  • Estatuario E04R- veins run right to left-hand-side.
  • Estatuario E05- veins run left to right-hand-side.
  • Estatuario E05R- veins run right to left-hand-side.


Neolith Estatuario

This redefining product is pioneered to be an extraordinary stone for both architectural and designing needs, suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, the possibilities are infinite.     2. Compac Unique Calacatta: Compac Unique Calacatta mingles a mystique combination of striking grey veins with golden tints across a pearly white background. This innovative creation can be implemented in both modern and traditional areas of common usage such as splashback in the kitchen, worktop, fireplace, stairs, steps, halls and living rooms, bathrooms, etc. Compac Unique Calacatta comes with random patterns that make it an ideal splashback material in 2018 due to the wide array of patterns that can be created when jointing its pieces.  

Compac Unique Calacatta

3. Silestone Calacatta Gold: Silestone is a beautiful combination of natural quartz that comes in a wide range of colours and extraordinary textures. This white background is laced with grey veins and splashes of gold, adding a lot of substance and character while bringing uniqueness. When Silestone Calacatta Gold used in the kitchens as a splashback, it offers freedom from stains and non-porosity. Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold belongs to the newly launched Eternal Collection from Cosentino with Cindy Crawford in its Campaign. Silestone Is made by approximately 95% pure quartz and a blend of raw materials, resins and pigments that allow its usage in Kitchens, floors and other areas that require a stunning material with minimal maintenance needs. Silestone Calacatta Gold reinterprets the popular Calacatta Oro marble with charm and ease, becoming an instant hit during its launch in 2017. We are confident 2018 will make Calacatta Gold a best seller across London and the UK.

Silestone Calacatta Gold

4. Neolith Calacatta: Neolith Calacatta - The greyish mesh with subtle hints of gold lays on a bright white background providing light and vitality. It has two unique aesthetic effects that you see when placing the boards sequentially, a book-match effect (C01) and an end-match effect (C01R). Neolith Calacatta is an indoor and outdoor sintered stone, with a combination of porcelain, ceramic, glass and quartz that results in a new material that surpasses previous concepts for both interior and exteriors, with a product with unique sheen, textures and finishes. Neolith is made by The Size, who has won many accolades with their range of stones and is growing rapidly in the UK.

Neolith Calacatta

5. Dekton Aura: Dekton Aura comes in two versions- Standard Aura and Book matched Aura slabs that can be placed vertically or horizontally. This stunning stone has a white backdrop with grey veins etched all over it that looks spectacular as a splashback or worktop. Dekton is an ultracompact surface made by a mix of glass, quartz, porcelain and 20 raw materials from an exclusive formula that brings an extremely tough surface to interiors and exteriors. It is UV resistant and can be used in garden, patios, terraces and balconies blending design continuation into kitchens, bathrooms and other interior areas. Dekton Aura features a Smooth Matte finish with a silky feel and understated luxury within a material with timeless appeal.  

Dekton Aura

6. Neolith Nero Marquina: The Neolith Nero Marquina brings a dramatic black background with bright white veins transcending from left to right (NM01) and right to left (NM 01R), thus giving a dual effect for sustained kitchen splashback. Neolith Nero Marquina is a reinterpretation of the timeless Negro Marquina marble which is original from Spain and has been one of the most popular stone since ancient times. Nero Marquina brings natural looks to interior and exterior areas and is ideal in kitchens due to its extremely high resistance to heat and cold.    

Neolith Nero Marquina

7. Calacatta marble: Calacatta has a snow white backdrop with grey veins and golden freckles that brings elegance to any ambience. It also comes with book-match option to bring an ultra-luxurious material to your kitchen, splashbacks, bathrooms, etc. Calacatta marble is a natural stone that can only be found in the north of Italy. It is a unique combination of luxurious appeal only found in nature, that makes Calacatta marble the most exquisite stone on Earth. Extensively used in Ancient times by Greek, Romans and other civilizations, advanced quarrying processes have allowed people to have at home the material from Kings and Emperors alike.  

Calacatta marble

8. Carrara marble: Carrara marble is diverse and hygienic even when used as a kitchen splashback. Its grace and elegance come with a white background and rare veins. It is available in book-match effect to pair with every corner of your bathroom & kitchen. Carrara marble owes its name to the region in Italy where it is originally extracted. Carrara marble is the most popular marble that brings a piece of art to residential and commercial properties.  

Carrara marble