Quartz Worktop Surfaces: The Latest Fad in the Kitchen Worktop World

You may get confused due to the availability of different worktop materials in the market. Moreover, every material has a lot of varieties to choose from. Apart from conventional choices such as granite, marble, etc, a popular choice is quartz. The new material in town is an engineered stone surface that has the superpower to mimic any other surface pattern. Whether you like a concrete grey finish or a black stone touch, a royal Italian marble tint or any adorable colour, quartz answers every expectation in the righteous way. Quartz worktops have become the latest fad of households as well as in eclectic kitchen plans. In addition to a great variety of colours and patterns quartz is available in multiple finishes, sizes and thicknesses.

What is an engineered quartz worktop surface?

Unlike natural stone slabs, quartz worktop surfaces are engineered or fabricated from scratch. As per the latest methods, an engineered stone slab is made of 90-93% fine ground quartz with 7-10% polymers. Other resins, and additive colours to give them the desired pattern. The advent of this concept has provided excellent patterns and colours that can sustain heat, shock, wear, and tear like the traditional stone slabs but cost way less than the conventional material. Quartz worktops is a win-win situation for the stylish kitchen designs as it gives an affordable range of products to own without burning holes in your pocket. One of the best brands to find the authentic quartz designs ruling the kitchen worktop world is Silestone. The latest entries in Silestone worktops are elegant and easily match with the specific kitchen décor. It is now extremely easy to reinvent your kitchen worktop when you have the engineered quartz worktop surfaces to avail from the leading brands.

silestone brooklyn kitchenAbove image showing Quartz worktop surfaces Silestone Brooklyn

Benefits of using quartz worktop surface

  • Extremely durable

The natural quartz is ground and added with polymer resins. On proper fabrication of the material, the outcome is extremely durable. It also has a tough coating on the surface that protects it from dents, scratches, cracking, dirt deposition, etc. The material can be used for household, as well as, buys commercial kitchens without any doubt. The major products in the market, such as Silestone quartz, come with a warranty of 15-25 years. Imagine how confident the manufacturers are regarding the durability of the worktop surface.

  • No porosity

Most of the natural stone surfaces have a single problem. They are porous. It means that the micro-pores present on the surface will attract a lot of dirt. Moreover, the pores absorb liquid easily. It means that the dirt carried by the liquid will be deposited easily on the surface and degrade the beauty of the kitchen worktop over time. Quartz, on the other hand, is non-porous as it is engineered with ground natural stone and resin polymers. The clear quartz surface will retain its beauty for a long period of time. Conclusion Always remember to avail the authentic quartz worktop surfaces from the genuine suppliers. My Kitchen Worktop is the most trusted name in the industry to find the best brands such as Silestone worktops without any hassle. Design your new kitchen with the best worktops to bring elegance to your interior décor.