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Things to Consider while Buying a Quartz Worktop

Kitchen worktops quartz comes in several varieties and brands nowadays. All of them claim to have various qualities. From Silestone to Caesarstone, there is a wide range of popular stones that offer a lot of variations in terms of colours and qualities. So, there is no one answer to this question. The best quartz depends on several criteria which vary from kitchen to kitchen. If you are looking for quartz worktop in London, then you should consider the following aspects.

Compaq Venecia Quartz
Compaq Venecia Quartz


Modern quartz comes in various colours. You can get almost every shade you can imagine. You just have to take some time to explore your options.


High-end quartz slabs have great texture with veins like marbles. You can choose the ones that go well with your overall decor.


Quartz gained prominence because it is more robust than marble. Quality quartz is harder and it basically means better durability in the challenging conditions inside a kitchen.

Resistance to Acids

One of the biggest threats to kitchen slabs is the acidic materials including citric juices and vinegar. They tend to wear away the stones very easily. So, the other important criterion to judge a quartz surface is to check their resistance to Acids.

Additional Qualities

Many high-end brands infuse extra qualities into the slabs through artificial means. For instance, Sometime slabs have bacteria-resistant properties that prevent the growth of microbes on them, thus, making them safer to be used to prepare food for your family. Do take some time to find out what extra qualities are added to the work-top material you have chosen.


Finally, the extra qualities mentioned above will surely come at a premium. So, eventually it is about whether you can afford it or not. So, the final stage is to check whether all the desired qualities are getting covered within you budget or not. Otherwise, see what kind of compromise you can make to fit into your budget. Basically, the best quartz for you is the one you can afford and still cover almost all the qualities you need.

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