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Top Kitchen Countertop Design Trends to look out for in 2019

A kitchen worktop should not be underestimated, as it is one of the most important parts of any kitchen. Being the foundation of the entire kitchen décor, the countertop sets the tone for the rest of this room, which is the central space of any home or office. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, here are some of the main trends you need to look out for in 2019.

Quartz Designs

As a great substitute for granite or marble, quartz has slowly but steadily become the number one choice for homeowners who wish to have a worktop material that exhibits the same characteristics as natural stone (strength and durability) but resolves the porous issues of the latter. Being totally non-porous,Compac quartz worktops do not need to be re-sealed periodically and are very resistant to stains, whilst avoiding bacterial infections. Added to this, are other attractive benefits such as low maintenance and availability of multiple patterns, colours and finishes. These are some of the features that make Compac worktop materials a great option for kitchens that experience a lot of traffic.

Compac quartz worktops

Textured surfaces

Textured, patterned surfaces are slowly winning over plain worktops. Not only that the textured finish offers a classic look, but it also offers multidimensionality. The current trends to look for in this category include the leather finish and honed looks. Suitable for stones such as marble worktops, honed surfaces offer a matte finish to the natural marble surface, with a smooth, low sheen look. Similarly, leathered finishes have become more popular in recent years as they offer a more distinctive pattern when compared to polished surfaces. In addition, Leather finishes offer a more sophisticated look to kitchen worktops as they retain the natural colour of the underlying stone.

Marble worktops

Veins and Patterns

Technological advancements have made it possible to provide creative a wide array of design solutions for kitchen worktops. In sharp contrast to plain, boring surface styles of the past, the newer worktops offer a range of interesting design options in the form of veins etched onto quartz surfaces to make worktops look more like real marble, limestone or granite worktops. The interesting patterns and designs can be customized to suit individual tastes as well, thus offering one the chance to suit a style that best matches the existing kitchen décor.

Kitchen worktops

Soft, Neutral Tones

An unexpected design choice that is slowly becoming a major kitchen worktops design choice is the use of soft, neutral tones for Silestone worktops. More interior designers and architects are leaning towards laidback tones rather than bright hues. Colours such as white, beige, light blue, dull brown, off-white, soft grey, etc. are increasing in popularity among homeowners who wish to complement these neutral-toned worktops with bright coloured backsplashes and plenty of natural lighting in the form of skylights, large windows, glass doors, etc, which impart a modern, airy feel to the kitchen.

Attention to sinks

The sink is gaining more attention in kitchen spaces lately. Gone are the days when the sink used to occupy a small space in the corner of the kitchen worktop. With a horde of sizes, styles and finishes to boost their appearance, sinks are becoming centrepieces in certain kitchens. The top trends for 2019 include integrated sinks in the colours of brass, gold and matte black mounted onto slate worktops and complemented with faucets of the same colour. In addition, many households are adding matching sinks such as Silestone Integrity Sinks and Neolith Sinks to their worktops. Not only that they look very sophisticated but they also complete any project with a super-neat finish.

Neolith worktops

Attractive Backsplashes

2019 has so far seen an increasing interest among homeowners for attractive kitchen backsplashes. The basic Metro tile has given way to larger sized ones with all types of patterns and designs. While those preferring a classic look opt for neutral patterns with natural textures, the more modernistic homeowners opt for creative and vibrant backsplash designs complementing neolith & porcelain worktops.