Upgrade your kitchen with stylish worktops offered by My Kitchen Worktop

Choosing the right worktop material and brand for your kitchen renovation is important to bring life to a dull space without losing its functionality. At My Kitchen Worktop, you can choose the best material for your kitchen out of many leading brands.

Whenever you feel your kitchen has started to become tired and boring, it’s probably time to upgrade it with fancy yet practical elements. Countertops are one of the important parts of a kitchen and thus, buyers must select the best material by a reliable brand. This ensures that homeowners invest in quality worktops that are likely to last for many years. Meanwhile, the leading brands in stone, offer products that look as good as new for decades.

If you’re looking for the best worktop material for your kitchen, you must visit My Kitchen Worktop online or in-store to find various worktop options offered by the leading brands in the industry. Here’s a list of five kitchen worktop brands available at My Kitchen Worktop:

1. Dekton kitchen worktops

Dekton kitchen worktops are ultra-compact surfaces available in an extensive range of colours, finishes and thicknesses. The countless choices offered by the brand makes it an ultimate favourite of homeowners, architects and designers. The best thing about Dekton countertops is that they are UV-resistant, unlike quartz, making it one of the popular choices for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. Furthermore, the varying thicknesses of slabs enable fabricators to design it in bespoke sizes to adapt to any kitchen design.

Dekton kitchen worktops

2. Laminam kitchen worktops

Laminam is Italian porcelain and ceramic slab that is made from blending natural ceramic, granite and other raw materials to form a remarkable worktop surface. The stylish worktop material is intended to offer great value, improving the aesthetics of any property in which it is installed. Since ceramic and porcelain lightweight slabs are available in different thicknesses, they are easy to install in places which may not be possible to reach with other materials such as granite. These surfaces are also waterproof and very easy-to-clean.

You may even find similar-looking Howdens kitchen worktops in various patterns like granite or marble-like effects to create a more luxurious feel in an interior without bearing the adverse effects of natural stones. Porcelain and ceramic worktops add a unique charm to your interior both in terms of appearance and functionality. Besides the kitchen, you can easily install these worktop surfaces in different parts of your bathroom to make a style statement.

Laminam kitchen worktops

3. Caesarstone kitchen worktops

Caesarstone, a popular quartz brand, is known for offering marble-inspired designs that resemble the natural stone closely. Unlike marble, quartz is non-porous, so it’s not prone to staining, scratching, cracking, etching, etc. Furthermore, the non-porous surface makes it hygienic, as it doesn’t let water seep into the surface to allow bacteria or germs to develop. Caesarstone offers different collections of quartz inspired in different materials such as marble-effect worktops, concrete-effect worktops and much more. You can avail Caesarstone in polished finishes and in honed finishes in some of its colours. In addition, you can avail standard size slabs with dimensions 3040 x 1440 mm and Jumbo slabs of 3300 x 1630 mm.

Caesarstone kitchen worktops

4. Silestone kitchen worktops

If you’re worried about the porous nature of natural stones like marble or granite, you may opt for Silestone quartz that beautifully mimics natural marble or granite kitchen worktops London. This quartz worktop is known to bear the natural veining or flecks of natural stones without being vulnerable to scratches, stains, etching, cracking or any other issues faced by natural materials. Silestone has its unique charm, as it’s both luxurious and practical at the same time. Being a hard material, quartz is hardwearing, long-lasting and easy-to-clean. It also adds great value to your property at the time of resale, especially in the form of natural-looking stone, as one cannot differentiate whether it’s real marble or granite.

Silestone kitchen worktops


5. Neolith kitchen worktops

Neolith is one of the leading worktop brands in the UK. Neolith is made from all-natural products, such as feldspar, silica, clay, silica and colours made from natural pigments. Neolith kitchen worktops direct are known the solid sintered surfaces. These high-quality countertops are available at reasonable prices and come with 15 years of manufacturer warranty. Hence, you can rely on these solid worktop materials to add aesthetics yet functionality to your cooking space.  Neolith offers colours inspired in marble, cement, concrete, wood and many other materials. Since the makers of the material use a new printing technology, the patterns and textures are simply divine.

Neolith kitchen worktops