White Quartzite Worktops - A popular choice for kitchens in London Homes

Quartzite is a naturally occurring beautiful stone that is known for its unique, glassy appearance. This glassy texture and look comes from the crystallized quartz grains that are found in a quartzite. Unlike its look which seems to be delicate in nature, quartzite is one of the strongest stones and is highly resistant to cracks, fissures and weathering. It is because of this beauty and durability that quartzite worktops have become so popular with London homeowners.

White Quartzite Quartzite comes in a wide array of colour shades and patterns, each being unique and beautiful. However, white quartzite worktops have gained immense popularity in recent years owing to their unmatched magnificence, beauty and class. The options that are available in this colour shade are listed below: Super White Quartzite – Super White is a beautiful combination of white and grey with subtle patterns and veins all over creating the same magic as that of heavy cloudy sky. The overall appearance is dominated by grey rendering a look of ultimate sophistication and elegance. White Quartzite – In contrast to Super White, White Quartzite is more of pure, sparkling white with soft grey patterns. White being the dominant colour here, you can create a classy, spacious look with this variant in quartzite worktops. White Macaubas – This is another classy and super elegant white quartzite that features fine, elongated grey veins against a white backdrop. Calacatta Brazil – Calacatta is a very popular white coloured marble that is known for its timeless beauty and magnificence. Featuring smooth white surface with large and thick patterns, Calacatta marble is very rare and is considered a luxury stone. Calacatta Brazil can be considered a close neighbour of Calacatta marble in beauty and elegance. It too features a smooth white texture with unique large patterns. Whether you choose Super White Quartzite or beautiful White Macaubas or unique Calacatta Brazil, make sure to source your quartzite worktops from a reputed London based stone worktops supplier and dealer. Only a reliable stone supplier can provide you with quality worktop and also help you with the installation and design options as per your requirements.