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Why a Silestone Kitchen Worktop is the Preferred Choice for Homes in 2019

Are you planning to give your kitchen a trendy upgrade? Or perhaps thinking of creating a whole new space for your kitchen? In either case, you will require a pleasant looking kitchen where you can prepare food with ease, while keeping it stylish at the same time. Your dream kitchen is now possible, thanks to Silestone.

This worktop material is not only aesthetically pleasing but also lined with bacteriostatic protection to maintain hygiene in your cooking space. A Silestone worktop is perfect to enhance both charm and practicality in any space. If you are not convinced, continue reading to know why you must have the newest Silestone kitchen worktops in 2019.

Silestone quartz worktops gather the best characteristics that an ideal decoration material requires. These will include durability, longevity and sturdiness. Furthermore, it is ideal for daily use since its benefits are endless – from low-maintenance requirements to high resistance to heat and to scratches. Similarly, you can imagine that it is suitable for busy homeowners in today’s fast-paced work life where you hardly get any time to keep cleaning your kitchen thoroughly.

Silestone London is designed to balance both beauty and functionality features. Meanwhile, not only that it adds exquisite charm to any home decor and style but also provides you with great value. Silestone worktops for kitchens are available in 50 colours in the UK as off 2019. Additionally, the brand also offers original and gorgeous patterns – from trendy greys, whites and dark tones to rich and pastel hues.  If you are looking for a versatile decoration product, you can install Silestone kitchen countertops to match any interior style shape and décor. You can also install it and create bespoke panels in any Silestone design.

Cosentino Silestone is the Company behind this leading brand of quartz stones and their collection offers beautiful form of quartz that’s engineered to match vintage, rustic and modern kitchen styles. Additionally, the products can easily meet the needs of any small and large kitchens and hence, preferred by architects as well as by design aficionados.

Not only that the Silestone range boasts a range of over 50 colours for 2019 but it also offers many different finishes, thicknesses and slab formats.

Silestone is a bacteriostatic quartz worktop that was created in 1990 by stone manufacturers and distributors Cosentino. Cosentino is a Spanish and family-owned group which boasts many brands of decorative surfaces including, Silestone, Dekton, Sensa and Prexury. The objective behind the Silestone brand is to offer practical solutions for interior decoration surfaces. In addition, the Company adds constant innovation and technical value to all their products.

Silestone Quartz

Benefits of installing Silestone Quartz in your kitchen countertop:

1. Durability

Silestone is made from 93% natural quartz stone and 7% resins and additives. The combination of several raw materials under intense heat and pressure results in an extremely tough and non-porous surface that is ideal for any decorative application in interiors. Because of its technological value, Silestone makes an excellent worktop material that’s both hard wearing and durable. Also, due to the presence of the different elements and additives to the surface, you have a huge array of colour and pattern choices to match it with your any styled kitchen interior.

2. High Quality

Silestone is made from the best quality pure quartz stone. Besides manufacturing man-made stones, Cosentino also owns natural stone across several countries including Spain, Brazil and India amongst others. This means that the group can extract the very best quality quartz stone to produce Silestone worktop surfaces. This results in brilliant countertop quality and finishes that make it appear smooth and visually-pleasing. The high-quality surfaces provided by the brand has passed the test of time and you can see this across residential and commercial properties. You will see the quartz designs of the Spanish leading company in popular restaurants, hotels, bars and other retail spaces too.

3. Range of Colours

Silestone comes in a wide range of colours and patterns to spruce up any traditional or modern type of kitchen. Not only that you can use the stone in kitchens, but you can also use it in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and any other are of your interior home.

 If you are looking for versatile surfaces, you won’t be disappointed with Silestone.  The stone are available in every possible colour and pattern that you can think about. From industrial styles to modern, classic and artsy, there is a Silestone worktop for every taste.

The company works tirelessly to offer innovative materials and has come up with incredible designs over the years. You can choose Silestone marble-effect, concrete-effect worktops, granite-styled and industrially decorated surfaces amongst many others. This allows you to create original designs and set your kitchen apart from the rest.

4. Excellent Warranties

When you buy a Silestone kitchen worktop, it comes with a long warranty. It provides with a high-quality surface that’s simply brilliant for the investment you make. Because of its strength and durability, the brand offers real value for money when compared to other materials such as wood or laminates which deteriorate over time. Silestone’s 25-year manufacturers’ warranty is available by registering the installation on their website. If you are interested in receiving the original Silestone Warranty certificate, you must ensure to purchase your surface from approved Silestone suppliers.

5. Heat, Stain and Scratch Resistant

Unlike many natural stones, the best quality about Silestone is that it is designed to prevent problems that one faces with natural stones like marble and granite worktops. Silestone is totally resistant to any sort of scratches, stains and heat. Due to its non-porous nature, it can never harbour any bacteria or hold on any spillage that may lead to staining.

6. Wide array of thicknesses, patterns and finishes

When you are working on the design of your kitchen or bathroom, choosing the correct finish for the surface of your choice is very important. The different quartz finishes will not only set the tone and style of the room but will also offer varied characteristics when it comes to performance.

You can choose Silestone polished quartz is the most popular finish from the brand, as it offers a high-sheen surface that adds luxury to any space. Besides looking amazing, a polished quartz stone brings light into dark spaces and can also make small spaces look bigger. In addition, Silestone also offers Suede, Volcano and Raw Finishes.

Suede is also a non-porous finish that doesn’t require coating or sealants.

Silestone polished quartz

Silestone Suede offers a softer matt look combined with a smooth touch, resulting in a finish with a refined appearance. In contrast, Silestone Volcano finish brings a rough textured surface with a rugged look. In addition, these 3 classic Silestone finishes, the brand has launched the new ‘Silestone Raw Finish’ in 2019.

Raw is an innovative finish by the brand that recreates the look and feel of classic building materials such as concrete or cement, by combining a luxurious matt finish with a light texture on every design from the Series.