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Why Homeowners Consider Marble For Their Bathroom?

Besides boasting the utmost luxury and style, marble is a long-lasting and durable worktop material. That’s why many homeowners consider it for different areas of their spaces, including the bathroom.
                                                                    Arabescato Marble splashbacks

Marble is one ancient metamorphic stone that has been part of castles, palaces, and mansions for hundreds of years. While people in the past trusted this worktop material, modern homeowners feel nervous about adding marble to their bathroom as a countertop, flooring or wall cladding.

There’s nothing to worry about, as the marble in the bathroom is as durable as any other material found in the market. If treated minimally, marble can withstand almost anything you throw on it. And because there aren’t any acidic foods or coloured substances regularly used in bathrooms, the risk of staining is also extremely low. Furthermore, marble adds value to any property and marketability.
                                            Bathroom worktops, floors and wall in Crema Julia Marble

If you’re still doubtful about creating marble bathroom, here are some facts that make marble an excellent option for modern bathroom renovations.

1. Timeless Beauty with Natural Veining

Many artisans have utilised marble over the ages for adding aesthetic charm to the castle or palace walls, floors and ceilings. Once it was a symbol of luxury and power, now marble slabs are featured in everyday homes to enhance the value of a property. Due to the latest advances in technology, marble can be quarried and transported at reasonable costs, making it a reality for many homeowners. Whether you pick white or a coloured marble, its natural grey, black or charcoal veining pattern is likely to add a dramatic touch to any interior.

However, veining patterns are also tricky when installing worktops with seams, as well as when blending lighting veined areas with heavily veined sections of the marble surface. Therefore, it’s best to envision beforehand how to fit marble slabs or tiles together in each space. Consulting a professional is recommended as they will have the tools to follow veins and patterns on the different marble types.

Another thing that makes marble stand out from the rest of the worktop materials is that this metamorphic stone comes in various colours and natural patterns. Since the marble patterns are formed naturally, no two marble slabs or tiles are likely to be the same. Hence, homeowners will get a unique decor that won’t be present at their neighbour’s house.

2. Versatile & Camouflage Stains or Marks

Despite any design or style, marble bathroom is likely to look great all the time. Whether you like modern or classic, sleek or rustic style, marble is one natural stone that will add elegance and sophistication to any bathroom.

Marble varies in terms of looks depending on their geographical conditions and quality of the stone you buy. Since every marble slab boasts a unique veining pattern, you are likely to add variety and unique character to your bathroom. Highly veined marble slab can add a unique artistic statement to a bathroom, unlike any other worktop material.

Furthermore, leather, honed and brushed finishes of marble bathroom help in camouflaging spilt powder, watermarks and dried toothpaste glop that virtually disappear on its patterned surface. It is because marble’s natural veining will behold the attention of the viewers, and thus, they won’t be able to spot any stains or mishaps on the surface.

3. Adds Value to a Property

A marble bathroom looks stunning and draws the attention of the visitors, as well as Property Surveyors. When people evaluate your property for resale, they look for what materials are installed in different areas of a house. If you have installed marble in various areas of your home, including the bathroom, it means that the given space is likely to remain high-end, and trend-proof for many years to come. This glorious material also upgrades the visual appeal of a bathroom, making it one of the highlights of a property when listed for market sale.

4. Stone-Friendly & Easy to Work With

Marble is one stone that works well with different materials like stainless steel, wood, quartz or granite. It means you can easily pair authentic marble with marble-like porcelain, quartz or any other material to make it easier to work.

In bathrooms, you may install marble on shower surrounds that see light usage and quartz on worktops that experience heavy usage. Another advantage of marble is that it is a softer stone, so it can easily be machined, milled and tumbled for multiple applications.

5. Available in Several Colours and Tones

Usually, Carrara and Calacatta are the best-known white marble varieties. Besides white marble streams, marble worktops also come in different colours and tones. These can be rare hues and designs to add a luxurious touch to any bathroom. The colour and tone of marble also depend on different geographical regions from where it’s quarried.
                                                                        Arabescato Rose Marble

One of the most significant and luxury colours of marble is the beige-gold Calacatta marble bathroom worktop. This worktop is called Calacatta Gold Tile and looks aesthetically rich when lit by accented yellow lights in a bathroom. This marble variety does wonders in showers, as this quality marble is easy to clean and needs less polishing at intervals.

You may even consider adding pink, red, green or blue shades of marble into your bathroom if you desire a coloured variant. If you don’t want an utterly coloured bathroom, you may consider adding an accent wall using a coloured marble. This way, you can add luxe appeal naturally to your shower room without much effort.