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Worktop Stones that will Make any IKEA Kitchen Look a Million Dollars! [Interiors]

Kitchens are increasingly becoming the networking hotspot of a family, therefore, a well-planned, spacious kitchen bears the potential to make a family's life easier. This entails an easier access to cooking; and the cleaning and maintenance routine. These two segments need to be practical and swift. These worktops are so elegant that they can change the kitchen interior and give it a trendy look, so you would be making an investment into the future.

Compac Unique Calacatta:

Nothing is more rewarding than investing in an impeccable combination of raw materials that unifies to give a great looking worktop surface with superior performance. Compac Unique Calacatta fulfills most of your requirements to match with the rest of your décor, whether it is rustic, contemporary, vintage, etc. Its white background colour and thick veins complete with attractiveness inside your room in a surreal environment full of creativity.

Compac Unique Calacatta

Dekton Aura:

Carrara Marble and Calacatta are the inspirations that brought Dekton Aura into life. The designers assured that each glorifying character of the marble is visible in this stone but with superior performances to give the homeowners an elevated surface experience.

Dekton Aura

Neolith Calacatta:

Neolith Calacatta comes with an innate ability to resist abrasions, humidity and water absorption. Neolith Calacatta has received quite praises from the media and outclasses its competitors. It has a flawless fusion that brings out the striking white backdrop and balanced grey veins in one of the most refined quartz to invest in an ideal IKEA kitchen.

Neolith Calacatta

Caesarstone White Attica:

White Attica has a resemblance to the Carrara marble but it is made using the latest technology that boosts your home improvement. Caesarstone White Attica comes in a clean white background with grey veins that are interwoven all over the slabs forming unique feature only found in this type of design.

Caesarstone White Attica

Calacatta Brazil quartzite:

One of the strongest stones on Earth (only beat by Diamond and Ruby on Moh’s scale), Calacatta Brazil quartzite has a similar look to Calacatta marble from Italy, where it takes its name from but with the difference that by having no calcium on its mineral make up which ensures acids from foods and liquids don’t etch its surface as it may do in marble. Calacatta Brazil is also the cross cut version of White Macaubas quartzite which has changed its name to make it distinctive from the vein cut version of the same block of material.

The stability in the physical and aesthetic aspects composes a white colour with delicate grey veins on a unique glossy finish material in its polished version. The crystallised quartz grains and toughness offer protection against cleaning materials.

Calacatta Brazil quartzite

Bianco Eclipse Quartzite:

The stone requires very little maintenance on an everyday basis and the natural features last for decades to come. Bianco Eclipse Quartzite produces art in a dense grey veining and off-white to white grey but its engineered composition may create different looks. So, the veins may vary in size and patterns, which makes it so distinct.

Bianco Eclipse Quartzite

White Macaubas granite:

With a sophisticated design, White Macaubas granite is one of the hardest stones in the market. Due to its neutral off-white base colour, it destroys any barriers as far as the designing goes. The dark grey veins continue the movements of stone furnishing it an elegant undertone. White Macaubas is classified as granite worktops in Brazil but as a quartzite in Europe, which may lead to confusion for the users researching these materials although it is the very same stone.

White Macaubas granite