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Technistone Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring

Technistone Quartz is one of the leaders in the world of engineered quartz. It is made by mixing 100% pure quartz with some polymer resins and dyes. The process automatically seals the slabs, makes it non-porous and non-absorbent and also highly resistant to scratches and stain. Since quartz is the major component in Technistone and it is also one of the hardest known materials, there no questioning the strength of the Technistone slabs. The slab's durability and their ability to withstand heat has also made them ideal for using outdoors.

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Technistone makes high quality quartz surfaces for residential and commercial interiors. The brand offers reliable products, which are suitable for a wide variety of applications. If you are looking for durable materials for demanding application, this brand is a great choice.

Not only that you can choose from a palette of over 50 colours. Also, you can choose from slabs with different sizes and thicknesses. In addition to beautiful slabs, you can also avail tiles to match your design. Similarly, there is a wide choice when it comes to prices. However, the brand is known for offering good quality materials at affordable prices.

In a similar way, the company makes quartz that retains the toughness of its mineral alongside superior flexibility. It results in a compact surface that you can use in floors, walls, furniture and as quartz worktops. If you wish to complement your bathroom, you can use the quartz as vanity top, shower surround and as a bespoke sink.

Technistone is based in the Czech Republic with a network across Europe and America. Also, their quartz products come with an available manufacturer’s warranty.

There are many innovative ways to use this material in your home. You can us Technistone quartz worktops in your kitchen or use the tiles in your bathroom. You can also use them as fireplace cladding. They can even be used to create features walls. Want to make some stunningly unique outdoor furniture? Try using Technistone. Really, you are only limited by your imagination.

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