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Amarula Quartzite

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Amarula Quartzite is an exotic brown natural stone from Brazil. This material is available both directly from quarry and also in a branded version with an available warranty by Levantina.

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Amarula quartzite is a sophisticated and stunning natural stone that comes in slab formats of 20mm and 30mm thicknesses. Originally quarried in the regions of Vitoria Espiritu Santo, Brazil this stone is increasingly becoming popular across Europe and the UK.

Amarula quartzite comprises a dark brown background mixed with a beautiful array of lighter brow tones and minerals that make its marked trait. This quartzite will provide a sophisticated option for areas that require a touch of refinement and elegance with its delicate designed play of mottle.

It is an exotic natural stone that is suitable for interior applications in kitchens, bathrooms, wall cladding, floors, stairs and any other area imaginable which was created at the Earth's crust over hundreds of thousands of years which originally formed Sandstone and over time it has crystallized forming a quartzite material with a unique glassy look in its polished version.

Quartzite is distinctive and highly sought-after in that it looks like a beautiful and unique marble but it behaves like granite when it comes to performance. The lack of calcium in its mineral make up ensures acids do not etch it surfaces, making it a suitable product for kitchen worktops and food preparation facilities.

Amarula quartzite comes in standard thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm and finishes in polished, honed, satin and leather. This material varies from block to block, offering random patterns and unique pieces to the users of the surfaces selecting the material.
In terms of strength, it rates between 6-7 on Moh's scale which makes it the third strongest stone on Earth following only Gemstones such as Diamond and Ruby.
Quartzite in all its varieties is amazing and distinctive material that will turn heads and mesmerize users of the surfaces as well as family, friends and onlookers, providing a great finishes to kitchens and bathrooms that seek a special look.