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Azul Macaubas Granite

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Azul Macaubas granite is a fascinating stone from Brazil. It is famous worldwide for its most rare quartzite. It is startling light blue is a resemblance of the equinox between the sky and blue sea.

Its hardness makes this cherished quartzite perfect for a wide range of applications, with prestigious tenor, non-toxic properties, easily polished surfaces, and marvellous piece of natural craftsmanship.

The stone's name comes from its subtle blue backdrop which is quarried in the northern regions of Brazil near Macaubas. Depending on the extraction location where the presence of silicate that provides the naturally blue colouration to this unique stone, different suppliers would classify this material as either granite or quartzite.

In China and the United States of America, Azul Macaubas is classified as granite. In contrast, the same material is classified as a quartzite in the European Union. The names may vary according to the mineral make-up of each block of Azul Macaubas.

You can avail Azul Macaubas granite in thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm to suit horizontal and vertical applications. Similarly, you can source this stone in huge slabs which covering up to 6.6 square metres, will minimize the need for joints or seams.

Azul Macaubas offers extreme resistance and grand looks in bespoke sizes for any type of application. In addition, you can use this material both externally or in interiors. Due to its refined look and price, the most popular applications in Azul Macaubas, take place in interior design and architecture.

See below some of the features and benefits of the use of Azul Macaubas granite:

  • Increasingly popular material due to a mix of sophisticated looks with an element of crystalline minerals.
  • Decadent and luxurious
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in earthy colours and stunning appearance
  • Highly suitable for contemporary interiors
  • Adds resale value to any property
  • Honed finished providing vintage and old fashioned looks
  • Easy maintenance regime
  • Naturally strong: third strongest mineral on earth
  • Natural product
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for food preparation areas