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Barricato Granite

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Barricato granite is a natural stone original from Brazil. It has a distinctive multicolour pattern in warm and earthy colours ranging from  gold, brown, ochre, white and beige which provides the unique appeal of this beautiful material. Barricato granite comes in standard thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. Thicker blocks can be sourced from its quarry as a special order. Available finishes are polished as standard. Honed, Flamed, Satinato, Bush Hammered and Sawn finishes are also available. Barricato granite is extremely resistant to stains and scratches and ranks between 6-7 on Moh's scale of minerals which make it third strongest after Diamond and Ruby. Its low liquid absorption ensure bacteria stays away from its surfaces which make it ideal for applications such as kitchen worktops and food preparation areas as well as suitable for healthcare facilities and places where children are in contact with the stone. Barricato granite has become more popular over the last decade and it has been used extensively for different applications; rangin from mosaic, exterior, benches, kitchen worktops, bar counters and monuments. Features and benefits of Barricato granite: • Resistant to scratches • Helps avoiding bacteria • High resistance to heat and cold temperatures • Each slab is unique in terms of shades and pattern • Beautiful aesthetics and endless array of colours and finishes • Natural product • Non-toxic • Suitable for food preparation areas and healthcare facilities • High resistance to impact