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Bianco Sardo Granite

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A white granite with grey and black spots over it, suitable for any space that can be used both indoor and outdoor.
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Bianco Sardo granite is a natural stone originally found in the region of Sardinia, Italy (from where it owes its name from). It is most recently quarried in several other regions including Pietrasanta, Perfugas and Olbias. Then it is exported to the UK and rest of Europe. It presents a light white background and very fined sized grains. It provides your space with consistent white and black pattern, offering unparalleled natural beauty. If this was not enough, it also provides and strength to interior and exterior applications. Bianco Sardo is an extremely versatile material. It is available in different finishes including honed polished, Anticato and bush hammered. It enables you to create different looks suiting varied design environments. You can use Bianco Sardo granite is suitable in kitchens, walls and floorings. You will benefit from its little maintenance and sophisticated looks. In addition, the stone offers a refined appearance that are coupled with its incredible performance. Granite is an ideal stone to work with, offering the possibility of having seamless pieces across large surfaces. You can create bar counters, bathrooms, cladding, and kitchen islands. Granite is a magmatic rock which is made from quartz and feldspar amongst other minerals. In the first place, it occurs naturally below the earth’s surface. Secondly, the process takes place over hundreds of thousands of years, resulting in an extremely strong stone. It is also important to note Granite has been used over many civilizations in construction of buildings, monuments and paving. Most recently, it has become a material of choice for decoration. If a long history of it use over time was not enough, granite can be seen almost everywhere. In the same way, residential homes, commercial properties and restaurants use it too. Natural Granite not offers unique and exotic looks, durability and strength. Not only that, but it also brings investment value to any property in which it is applied. Moreover, and when it comes to performance, the stone is great. The lack of calcium in granite ensures the stone does not etch like marble when exposed to acid present in lemons, oranges, etc

Features and benefits of using Bianco Sardo Granite:

  • High resistance to heat and freezing
  • 100% natural
  • Non-toxic
  • Each piece is unique
  • Low liquid absorption
  • Extreme durability and long-lasting material
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Wide array of colours, patterns and finishes
  • Strong and durable