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Bianco Trento

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Bianco Trento granite is a grey material from the Naturamia Collection by Levantina. It is similar to the popular Steel Gray granite from India but it differs in that Bianco Trento by Naturamia offers an available warranty against staining and etching of its surface.

Moreover, Naturamia Bianco Trento granite is an amazing natural stone displaying grey and colours accented by cascading spots of white and grey. A great example of just how beautiful natural granite can be. The dots in white and greys come out,  creating truly unforgettable aesthetics. As with the rest of Naturamia stones, you can choose this granite from either Available in 2 CM or 3 CM polished slabs. Or you can choose the same stone in the leathery  'Vintage Finish'. Either way, this stone will transform any project. This is a uniquely monochromatic piece.

What is Naturamia by Levantina?

Naturamia is a stunning range of granite, quartzite and marble worktop materials from Levantina.

How is natural stone extracted?

Natural stone is extracted from quarries in large square pieces called blocks. Uniquely each natural stone blocks varies in size, shape and pattern according to each extracted batch.

What about the transport and processing of natural stones?

After extraction, the best blocks are selected and transported from pits all over the world. In like manner, subsequent blocks are then sawed into slabs. As a result, surfaces are given a Polished or Vintage Finish and the best slabs are selected for installation. The slabs are transported to distribution centres and workshops. Moreover, bacteriostatic Protection and stain-proof resistance are applied to the selected slabs.

Fabrication and installation of Naturamia by Levantina

Once the slab has been selected by our clients, we transform it into kitchen worktops, vanity top, splashbacks, floor tiles or any other item required for their project. Additionally, the surfaces are treated with sealants which result in natural stones with maximum protection against staining